Help Tagland NFC tags don't always work for me.

I unlock my phone, hold the tag against the back about where it says Verizon (between the power and volume buttons). Sometimes it reads the tag immediately. Other times I can hold it there as long as I want, nothing. Some times a tag will not work until I use a different tag, then the first one works fine.

No one else having those troubles with Tagland tags? I'd say my success rate is 60%ish.

I don't use a case and have this trouble with a couple different models from the starter pack they offer. I've been told that there's no troubles with other brands of tags but haven't ruled out that maybe I've done something to my phone to cause this. I can't stop messing with it. :D

Thanks in advance.


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i use samsung tectiles and i have to hold the phone parallel to the thing itself.

i placed it on my cupholder in my car, so i can push the it in and it disappears.

but if i hold the phone perpendicular to the surface of the cupholder, it wont activate. i guess it requires less than half an inch or so. almost that the back is touching the surface of the sticker itself.

i have a case so it doesnt matter cause it's 100% as long as i have the phone lying flat against it.


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Been thinking about this since last night.
What software are you using to them? I use nfc launcher and was wondering if you are using a switch mode.


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I use NFC task launcher. I don't have any switches programmed at the moment. It's easier for me to have two tags next to each other.