Help Taking picture of homescreen without any programs


This werid thing happened to me one day in which everytime I pushed the hold button it would flash and take a pic of my home screen. It wasn't intended and I couldn't return it to normal function so I restarted the phone. I thought this was a normal ability of andriod phones given that all the Apple products could do it. When I wanted to actually take a pic of my homescreen I googled it and found that you needed a program called Sdk? So what happened , how come I was able to do this without any program? I got htc sensation 4g


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It's a newly acquired feature "for the Sensation", following the most recent OS update.

This is correct. You can now take pics by pressing power + home button. However, I've also had it glitch up on me and take a screen shot when I press home to get out of an app.


The glitch is with every stock Sensation with the new update. My gf encountered that problem last night. As I have installed a custom rom on my Sensation I had to play around and figure out the bug. Hopefully an update will be available soon for you guys (or you could just install a custom rom).


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sweet! mine was taking one every time i hit the home button a couple days ago and once i got it to stop i couldnt get it to do it again and was wondering how it did it. was actually going to post a thread today about it lol


Just realized if u have a d3os band to protect Ur phone it might b pushing Ur power button down also so just adjust it a little and should work


Like a lot of others, I was almost offended by the comments in a few of the other threads in this forums on this issue, as I know without question that I wasn't pressing the power button & know the case wasn't either.

Although I consider myself a fairly advanced user, I REALLY like specifically because people are courteous & helpful to each other, even to beginners, which isn't the case on other forums that i'll leave nameless.

In any event, I have noticed that my home button usually resumes its normal function if i press the power button (short presses) on & off 3 or 4 times, which is a lot easier/quicker than rebooting.

Hope this helps others & again very politely ask that we all keep the polite & helpful forum where even noobs will be comfortable asking questions. ;)