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Taking Pictures while PLAYING video

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Zangetxu, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if i can take still picture while Playing video. yes playing not while recording video. I had this feature is HTC One x, and at times i miss that feature because

    1- I cant find where this option is ( im sorry if there is any option in there )
    2- I cant take SS either while playing video.

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  2. oleb84

    oleb84 Android Enthusiast

    Could you put an example of what you mean? I can't think of any scenario where people would need to take a picture whilst watching a video so I'm finding hard to get my head around a solution.
  3. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    you could just pause the video and do a screenshot. Not exactly what you want but it is a option
  4. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I want to get a picture from a video.

    For example i wanted a picture while driving , however i couldnt take clear pictures because of mentioned reason, so i made video instead.

    In HTC ONE X , i did the same, den later i took pictures from that particular video to get the info that was required.

    Pausing video and taking a SS is a hassle , most of the time swipe palm option sucks, and home and power button doesnt work for me.

    So i was wondering is it possible? You can take still pictures while making a movie/video. is it possible to get stills from that video that you have made. it was possible in htc one x
  5. CoreyV

    CoreyV Member

    I think this function was pulled with 4.3. I had, and used, exactly what OP describes in the stock video player on my Note 2 4.1.2. I upgraded to 4.3, and the still grab function is gone.

    My wife and daughter have S4s (ATT) on 4.3 and the still grab isn't available on theirs either.

    Kind of sucks - I actually used the function quite a bit. I haven't tried doing screen captures yet - it seemed like the old still grab grabbed a better image than screen capture.
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  6. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Can you pause the video and then do a screen capture?
  7. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yup you got it right. That is exactly what i was trying to tell. I kinda miss that utility.
    is there any other way to do it ?

    yes however palm swipe SS has issue, and it doesnt work properly. Even Power +Home button has some issues too, like for example i want to take SS of FB picture. its a pain. You swipe screen and you pictures zoom in. It kinda piss user off.
  8. oleb84

    oleb84 Android Enthusiast

    Couple off things with screenshots that a lot of people neglect.

    When doing the palm swipe your hand needs to be at a 45 degree angle.
    And the power and home buttons need to be pressed at the same time and then HELD in position until the phone vibrates or you see the white framing.

    This is the only thing I can suggest and I never have a problem.

    Kinda off topic but why did you try to take a screenshot of a picture on Facebook? You can just open the picture and press menu to save the picture to device.
  9. CoreyV

    CoreyV Member

    Hey, someone on another forum clued me in on a fix. Play a video with the stock player, pause it, go to the settings, and make sure'Capture' is enabled. I did this, and I have the still capture function back and am a happy camper.

    I haven't checked my S4s, but it worked on my N2.
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  10. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ok, first. Thank you sooooo much mate. you did it. Yes this thing worked on s4 as well xD yeaaay
  11. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    Thanks. Even though I've never had a need for this function, its still good to know. (I love my S4)
  12. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Now you know about this feature, i am sure you will find this utility great.

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