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Taking the Plunge - pool still filling up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cquinn, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. cquinn

    cquinn Well-Known Member
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    Jun 18, 2010

    Jun 18, 2010
    Well I finally ordered my Evo this week. I feel like a guy standing on the diving board waiting for the pool to fill up. Very frustrating. God knows when I’ll actually get it but until then (and for about a month already) I will be trying to learn as much about this as possible without actually holding the thing in my hands. I’m actually more excited about it than I thought I’d be. The enthusiasm here must be contagious.

    The thread on ‘what apps do you have’ and “Let us Peek at your screens’ – very helpful. Long but helpful. “noobs – are you confused’ about rooting – also very helpful. For instance I learned there’s a difference between ‘root’ and ‘full root’ and I see that a lot of the problems people have with rooting their phones have to do with installing one not the other. They didn’t follow cabbie’s instructions READ READ READ! Something tells me I'm not done reading yet.

    I also see that by waiting a little while there is a new 3 step simple root. Is a root a root a root to use an expression I just made up? I assume they’re just different people’s ways of achieving the same thing (superuser access) and that superuser access is superuser access no matter how you get there.

    There’s a lot of information floating around and it can be hard to sort out the good advice from the bad so a few questions.

    1. When I activate my phone will it automatically install Froyo without me being able to stop it? For that matter is there a way to disable automatic updates?
    2. If I still have 2.1 installed should I root that first and wait for a 2.2 rom? That seems to be the conventional wisdom. I ask because maybe I should be fluent in stock first then root. The concern seems to be that having already taken advantage of the exploits in 2.1 there may or may not be a root from whatever exploits are left in 2.2.
    3. Should I do a hard reset on a new phone first? There is a ‘I got my Evo! Now what?!” thread in Tips and Tricks but this kind of information is not listed. Nor is anything about formatting the sd card which was a problem on the first run of phones. Is that still necessary? In other words a kind of check list for new users. If there’s one thing I’ve learned there’s a lot more to an Evo than turn it on you’re ready to go. (at least for some)
    4. My understanding is that I can only make image files (nandroid backups) if I’m already rooted but can I flash an RUU to restore stock if I’m not rooted or if the rooting process goes horribly wrong? My concern is having an escape route back to stock if something goes wrong during rooting.
    5.One last thing. I saw a very cool vid with someone using a Bluetooth mouse to control their Evo. Is this part of Froyo?

    Thanks again and when I know more ( a great deal more) than I know now I hope I can contribute to say thanks.



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