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talk mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by plom3, May 23, 2011.

  1. plom3

    plom3 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, does anybody have this phone on talk mobile or vodafone? If so how are you finding it

    Thanks :)

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  2. chs117

    chs117 Lurker

    Had phone on Talkmobile for about 4 weeks. good service in main areas but blank spots of 3g in outer london areas.
  3. plom3

    plom3 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply!

    I've had mine the same amount of time but had nothing but problems it seems. It's just that the signal is dropping all the time, constantly fluctuating, which is obviously giving me dropped calls and making me unable to make calls in the first place, but having an impact on the battery life too.

    Both the phone and the sim have been replaced, with no change in the issue.

    I have also used my boyfriends 3 mobile sim in the IS which works fine, and I am currently using my talk mobile sim in my old nokia 5310 phone which has full signal at all times in my flat in central Manchester.

    So the phone works, and the sim works, but they don't work together? I don't know what to do, if there is any setting on the phone or sync that I can do to get them to work together or something? Talk mobile are out of ideas now too so I don't know what to do really! 24 months is a long time to be with a phone that only works half the time. I can go back to them and they said they could talk about getting me a different phone, but i do really like this phone, and would like to get it sorted.

    Thanks again
  4. jaztim

    jaztim Newbie

    I have this phone on talkmobile.
    No issues at all with signal, battery is excellent.
    In the about phone section my phone number shows as "unknown"

    everything works great though.
  5. chs117

    chs117 Lurker

    Really doubt that Voda arent giving a good service, they do have best coverage. Battery problem can be addressed by seeing excellent thread on this forum. I had Palm Pre on o2 before IS and had similar problems. Went thru to manufacturer who helped sort problem. Really suggest you speak to CS at HTC, they dont want unhappy customers.
  6. plom3

    plom3 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for responding, I have used the tips in the battery saving thread,such as the juice defender plus and app killer, as well as turning brightness down, however some tips make it pointless having a smart phone. I really am not using my phone anywhere near as much as I did with my iphone but the battery is just shocking. However, when I removed the sim card to use it in another phone, I fully charged my Incredible S and just had it running on the wifi, sim free, the battery was amazing and still almost full at 6pm, when usually it would be telling me to plug it into a charger, or would have died by this time. This was with my usual syncing and push notifications. So it makes me think that it is the signal issue which is causing this.

    I have a feeling it may be to do with when my number was ported over from o2 there were some issues. I am going to try it with another talkmobile sim on a different number, and see how it gets on. It may be switching numbers may be the answer but I really cannot see how.

    I have seen maybe 3-4 people on this forum with the same problem, so maybe it is a handset problem. I'm not one for being picky usually, but it's a lot of money to spend over 24 months on something i cannot even do basic phone calls on. I just end up missing half the conversation because it keeps cutting out, or it just ends the call completely.

    Anyway rant over, think i've just got unlucky, my boyfriend has the desire on 3, and it works perfectly, which is why I wanted to go HTC next, I was really looking forward to getting the phone which makes it more irritating that it doesn't work. Oh well hopefully it will be sorted in the end.

    I will take your advise though and call HTC, as at the moment I have just been going through Talk Mobile/Carphone Warehouse customer services.
    Thanks again for responding.
  7. plom3

    plom3 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I went into the carphone warhouse again, after having the phone replaced, sim replaced and being on the phone to several people at customer services. the guy in the shop fixed it straight away by going into my settings! Apparently this is quite a common problem with HTC's. If you are having signal problems do the following: go into Settings. Wireless and networks. mobile networks. network mode. Then change it to 'gsm only'. If you need high speed internet for downloading something its best to change it back to gsm/wcdma auto but otherwise gsm is great! Ive had full signal all day and my battery is lasting ages! I am so pleased!

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