Talk to Text issues....


I have a Samsung 10E, Extremely frustrating when using talk to text more often than not it will put an "Is" or sometimes an "If" At the beginning of a given sentence that I am dictating, And it doesn't matter how slowly/clearly I speak.

As well more often than not my sentences or portions of them will be doubled up.

Are there patches for any of these issues choose? I believe what I use is the Google talk to text. It seems that the accuracy accuracy and overall quality of what what talk to text can do has dropped off quite a quite a bit even from a phone I had 5 or 6 years ago.

Any input here is appreciated very much


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Does anyone have information on a patch or just something concerning this concerning these issues?
Check whether your device was set up with Samsung’s speech to text instead of Google’s speech to text at first. A friend tried using the Samsung one but it was just not as good as the Google one.
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