Talking Carl on G2


Talking Carl is an app originally released for the iPhone that uses the sound recording and playback functions on the device to give an animated red blob the ability to parrot back your words to you in a funny, different voice. My eight-year-old is salivating over it.

I found the free version somewhere out there.. as it's not in Android Market because two different developers are battling over who has the rights to it. While they battle it out, apparently there are TWO versions in the market - one for the iPhone that costs $0.99 (and which isn't available on the iTunes store, either) and a free version from developer Yann LeCoroller, which bills itself as compatible with OS 1.6 and higher. Already this is needlessly complex - two different developers, two different-and-legal versions in the market, etc. That's why I'm HERE!

I installed it on my G2, with success. When I launch the app, it immediately terminates - no splash screen, no I'm-thinking-about-it delays, just click and instant error, with the only available being [Force Close].

Anyone else out there have any experience / success with getting this app to run on the G2? If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

I have also e-mailed the developer and whatever his response is, I'll update this thread, but on these free apps, it's hard for the developer to handle support requests (they have full time jobs, too!) so I figure I'll consider myself lucky if I get a reply from him.