Nov 25, 2012
With all my previous phones, LG Optimus V, Samsung Reverb, and this one too, I was not able to talk and browse the internet on my phone at the same time.

But since this past week, I have been able to do both at the same time. I actually use a bluetooth device to talk on the phone, and browse the internet (on the same phone *without* wifi, i.e. with 3G), at the same time.

Was this a new feature just added from Virgin Mobile? Can you do this on your phone? I am pretty sure it wasn't working earlier simultaneous as such, but now it is!

Oh, and I am not complaining about this. :D

**I am rooted with stock ROM
It depends on the phone. Most you can't but there's some you can. I have 4g here which allows data while on a call but I hadn't yet noticed if it worked on 3g. This is the first VM phone I've had that supports data while on call.

My work cell which is a Viper thru Sprint works that way to. I think most new phones support this
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