Nov 28, 2009
[SIZE=+1]Tapatalk[/SIZE] is an iPhone / iPod Touch social networking application allows you to access your favourite discussion communities in a native iPhone application interface. Download it today so you can start:

  • Participate discussions - no pinch-zooming in Safari.
  • Reply to posts and privates messages - iPhone optimized experience
  • One tap to latest discussion - it's super fast!
WELL NOW ITS AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID!! Its currently in BETA testing, but I have the app & I must say it is nice! You can access all of your favorite forums right from ur APP. Here are a couple of screenshots using the forum that I enjoy www.trulyfe.com








If you are interested you should give it a try here Tapatalk Community Forum - Powered by vBulletin its the nicest thing ever! and its VERY CONVENIENT.

Also if ur a Forum Owner: Tapatalk allows your members to visit your forum any time and any where. Learn more about Tapatalk design and how you can activate it today.
I am also a beta tester for this app and it is a very convenient app for the android world.

Admin should really look into this, it will make it all easier for all of us!
Well im thinking since it was posted here that they were enlightened enough to have added androidforums already but if not they should :D ....

they cant just add a forum. if ur a forum owner u have to work WITH THEM to get ur forum added.