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Tapfish - are there any other fans out there?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by droidros, May 14, 2011.

  1. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I discovered Tapfish about a week ago and now I am totally addicted. It's a pretty silly game (aren't they all?) where you can buy, grow, breed, and sell fish. You can also visit neighbors' tanks and get "coins" for cleaning their tanks and feeding their fish. The most interesting part is you can breed two different fish to get hybrids.

    You start out with two tanks and a certain number of coins. Then you populate your tanks by buying fish eggs, growing the fish, and selling them at a profit. You have to keep your fish happy by feeding them, cleaning the tanks, loving them, and buying decorations for the tank. The happier they are, the bigger the bonus is when you sell them.

    The frustration (and temptation) is that many of the fish and accessories can only be bought with "fishbucks". You cannot earn these just by buying and selling fish, but have to either purchase them with real money or participate in the various offers (i.e., downloading certain apps and trying them). There aren't very many opportunities to do this. I've earned a few fishbucks that way and purchased a couple of things, but need a lot more to get something I really want. However, I don't want to start going down the road of paying for fishbucks because I'll proably get sucked into spending a whole lot more than I was planning to.

    Some of the "neighbors" I've visited have obviously spent some real money on their fish. They have tankfuls of really exotic fish and all sorts of accessories. What I can't understand is that some people maintain tanks full of decorations but with no fish. You do get coins for visiting and cleaning your own tanks whether their populated or not, but the whole point of decorations is to keep your fish "happy" and thus more profitable. The decorations themselves cost a lot of coins and or fishbucks.

    One problem is that if you forget about your fish for a day or so, they all die from neglect. In order to revive them you have to spend fishbucks!

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  2. anna_p

    anna_p Member

    I just discovered this game 2 days ago and i\m hoplessly addicted lol The fishbucks suck though, I really wish there was a way to get more of them for free.

    Any tips on how to move up levels faster and make more coins? Its pretty slow in the beginning :(
  3. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hi Anna_P,
    I'm glad someone replied to this thread and I see you found the other thread, too. In addition to buying and selling a bunch of green snapper, I'd advise you to buy as many tanks as you can afford. Every time you visit, feed, clean, love means more coins and XPs. If you haven't found out already, the most valuable starter bred fish is the green clown (green snapper bred with clown fish). Make sure your sale tanks are at 90%+ happiness. I originally spent a whole lot trying to reach 100%, assuming that would result in the highest bonus, but it didn't chante.
  4. anna_p

    anna_p Member

    Yup this is what i'm doing already, i'm just impatient lol I've got 7 tanks with 6 of them exlusively green snapper, I'll be at level 9 in about 3 hours at which point im gonna do half green snapper half banded butterfly.

    I only have two breeding tanks right now :( I wish they didn't take so long and I don't wanna use the few fish bucks I have (17 lol) on speeding up the breeding, unless its worth it, is it?

    It really sucks that its so hard to get fishbucks, and while I refuse to pay for them, they are pretty ridiculously priced imo, especially since its like 4 fishbucks just for a shell... total ripoff

    But this game is so addicting... I found myself selling fish at 4am... lol

    What level are you at droidros?
  5. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I don't think it's worth spending your fishbucks on speeding up the breeding since it only speeds up one tank and you'll still have to wait the full 3 days for the next breeding. It's better to save them up and get a good breeding fish.

    You're doing well given that you just started a few days ago. I am at level 14 and I have to admit I spent $20 to buy 240 fishbucks. This got me another breeding tank and the best breeding fish. I had also earned about 20 fishbucks through downloading apps, etc.

    I agree that the pricing is too high. I have set $20 as my limit for this game, and as long as I don't get too impatient and decide to buy another breeding tank, I should be able to manage.

    What's your fish name?
  6. anna_p

    anna_p Member

    I forgot to mention I checked out your tanks already lol (and fed your fish :) ) I love your showcase tank! great variety. My fish name is Chickibum :) my only good tank is my first one, as i'm just trying to earn coins so the others for selling.

    I did buy some coins to help get everything started, im really impatient lol
  7. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for feeding my fish :p. I tried to visit you but the server is down at the moment.

    Out of my 10 tanks, I have 5 for selling. While I might have two tanks filled with green snapper at any one time, I prefer to mix up the other tanks a bit just so all my tanks are a little different.

    I'm still addicted at the tanks are now taking up quite a bit of time what with the visiting, cleaning, feeding, breeding, buying, selling, and loving! I wonder how many people are showing up at the doctor's office with tapfish (or angry birds) finger bursitis???
  8. anna_p

    anna_p Member

    Haha no problem! Thanks for the xp points! Try and visit again soon :)

    Its torture waiting for the fish to grow so they can be sold, at least we can decorate the tanks in the meantime lol
  9. CorkyBuchek

    CorkyBuchek Newbie

    I've been playing for a while now. When I first started, I tried to level up as much as I could. I had a bunch of green snappers and I fed them as I put them into the tank to maximize XP, sold them as early as I could while still making a profit, etc. If you are chasing levels, green snappers are the best way to go.

    Now I play for the coins and expensive fish. Selling GS is fine, but I didn't see the point in getting to level 30 for Swordfish, level 42 for Kribnesis, level 65 for eels, etc. if I didn't have any money to buy them. I still keep a few GS tanks so it doesn't take me a week to level up, but I'm focused on profit. I switched my primary fish to Banded Butterflies as soon as I hit level 9. I did offers and bought a few fish bucks so I could get a few of the expensive breeding fish (Betta first, then Sailfin. I'd recommend Sailfin first though. Their offspring tend to be more valuable.) and collect some large amounts of coins from them. Now that the Boxfish is out, you can breed that with the Sailfin for the most money. If you have 90% happiness, you can sell one for 75,675 coins.

    I spent $20 on fish bucks. Looking back, the only money not wasted was the money spent to buy the Sailfin. If you're playing for a pretty show tank, fish bucks are the only way to go. If you're playing to level or playing to get lots of expensive fish to sell, they're a complete waste of money.
  10. Tapthisfish

    Tapthisfish Lurker

    Can anyone tell me the approx data transfer to/from the servers over 3G in an approx 20 minute play session and does the app chat/transfer in the background if it is not quit/exited?
  11. JakeReed

    JakeReed Lurker

    Here it is.

    1) download the app 'gameCIH2' from the market, or simply google the name and download the apk file (make sure unknown sources is enabled on your device settings!)
    2) open gameCIH2.
    3) click gameCIH2's hot key option, and press volume down on your phone or tablet.
    4) open up TapFish, leaving gameCIH2 open.
    5) once TapFish is loaded, press your volume down button to open GameCIH2's interface.
    6) select the 'input name' option and enter 'gameBucks'.
    7) select the title next to the open lock icon that reads 'gameBucks: (your current Fishbucks value)' and change the value to your desired amount.

    For coins, repeat the same process, but instead of entering 'gameBucks' enter 'gameCoins'.

    Feel free to add me as a Tapfish neighbor (JakeReed) or email me at jakereed92@gmail.com for any further help with this cheat!

    Love, Jake
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  12. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks - but please note that this only works on a rooted phone.
  13. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  14. Littleladywho

    Littleladywho Lurker

    Yep! I'm another TAPFISH addict!
    Add me as your new friend and stop by to visit:
    Stroll through my 101 tanks!!!
    Let me know your user name and I'll return the visit too!
  15. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    Well this game is cool but very hard to get fish bucks with out buying them!
    I tried editing the xml files like the iphone hack does but it doesn't work. Does anyone know how to get fishbucks?
  16. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You have to root your phone to edit the files.
  17. Gregg99

    Gregg99 Lurker

    My nephew had his fish die when my sis was getting tapfish transferred to her new phone. Please visit and revive a few fish for him. Thanks a lot. :) . User: gavin9
  18. droidros

    droidros Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Please visit androidforums.com/tapfishers/ and put your request there.

    You will find a lot of people willing to help!
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