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Just curious if anyone here goes to some sort of range for target shooting? I do a lot of trap shooting with my remington 870 and also some general target shooting with my S&W MP45.



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I'm fortunate to have two indoor shooting clubs here in the town where I live, plus numerous shooting areas in surrounding acreages.

I take my handguns to the indoor range closest about once a month or so, and those and long guns to the woods several times a year. I'm not a hunter, but do enjoy making my own ammo and playing with ballistics a bit. ;)


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I've got both indoor and outdoor ranges near me... I usually use the indoor range when I'm playing with my handguns and the outdoor range when I get the urge to practice with one of my rifles.


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my back yard is my target range ;)

Original 1941 M-1 Garand is my favorite to shoot

followed closely by the WASR AK-47 pictured in my avatar :D


I'm not a regular but I've gone skeet shooting twice with my friends. Really fun. I used a Benelli Vinci my first outing and a Remington (don't know what model) the second.


When I am in AZ, we just go out in the middle of the desert, cause that is all the ranges here are otherwise.


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i need to go to the handgun range more often. I've been to the rifle range and its just not my thing. kind of uneventful but then again, I was shooting a friend's .22


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I've got 4 AR-15's, a Glock 17, and hopefully I'll soon add a Remington 870 Police Magnum to the mix. I've shoot mostly for fun and once every blue moon I'll shoot in a competitive match, although I'm not terribly good.


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i would love to shoot trap competitively but i dont shoot often enough for that and i need more practice. Competitively, you need to be hitting 98/100 targets and i'm only shooting about 60-75 - lol


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A little.

I compete in handgun, 3-gun & long range tactical competitions. I'm a member of a few indoor ranges as well as a few outdoor ranges. I can get out to 2000yds at a couple of the outdoor ranges so it's keeps things interesting for the .338LM.


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Recently got into shooting, more plinking than anything else. The area near my friend's vacation home has a 100 yd range tucked away in the mountains where its free, unsupervised and almost always empty. So i bought a couple .22s and just go have fun. We can run and gun, set up all sorts of funky targets and even climb onto the roof of the shelter.


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I am into target shooting/trap shooting mainly b/c it helps me stay tuned in for hunting

I have a Remmy 700 SPS in .270 WSM and a Beretta AL391

I used to be into handguns, but the fire has kind of died down, however, I would like to have a semi-custom 1911 one day along with a Sig P-220 made in West Germany


Sorry to bump an old thread, I just found this forum. Yeah I *LOVE* target shooting. UK firearm laws are a bit ******ed, but I get enough fun. ;)

I shoot gallery range with a variety of "handguns" (basterdised revolvers to be legal), black powder pistols etc. I also shoot out to 1000yards with my .308 - great fun. My favourite gun is my AK103 (single shot) with wooden bits, looks just like an AK47. I also just bought myself a 1875 Martini Henry Mk IV rifle, I'm looking forward to shooting that one soon.

Now, if shameless plugs are a bit rude then please forgive me. I've got an Android app for target shooters, Plink Log. There is a free version -
and a Pro version for


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Id be interested in trying some target practice but id not know the first place to start. do most ranges provide a fire arm to use? also is there a site to check where a local range is?


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Generally the best thing to do is go to a local gunshop in your area, and ask if there are any local rent ranges where you can try out what you like... Some shops have their own, and most can definitely point you to one.


Most definitely gallandof, seek out your local range. When I started target shooting, the other firearms owners would often lend me guns & ammo @ their expense. Generally, they are a good bunch.


I have two indoor ranges... only rim fire however in my area. There is a public long gun range about 45 min from my door but there is a nice private range that's closer. A club affair with nice people and regular events. It has a plinking range and a fifty point firing range with rotating targets at 25 and 50 yards for competition. It also has a rifle range with benches and stands at 100, 150, and 200 yards. The range is nice.. but the camaraderie of a club is where it's at. Shooting is a fun but being part of a group with a common love makes it. Look for a local club... you'll never regret being part of it.
wow a few shooters. I like my Sigs and I like shooting them! :D

I have not been to the range in some time, but there are several indoor ones within a half hour of me, and recently a new indoor much closer even - so I need to check it out. A few years back I was a member at an outdoor club that was pretty cool, but very far away. I wish it was closer because it was a lot of fun.