Task Killer for Android TV Box

Tony Me

Is there a good task killer that I can use on my Android TV Box?

The stock launcher had one built-in but since I use Wolf Launcher I am looking for an aftermarket Task Killer


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Why do you want one? I've never used an Android TV box, so don't know what version (or perversion) of Android they might run, but in general task killers are a bad idea on Android, messing with the OS's optimisation and wasting more power than they save, all in the aim of keeping RAM empty which is itself a bad way to run any operating system (except possibly Windows, since MS have never been very good at memory management, and even then I'm not sure about current versions). Of course these things are all programmed to tell you what a wonderful job they do, but anyone can write code that tells you it is doing something useful. But unless Android TV boxes are very different from other Android devices I'd personally not install anything that claims to be a task killer/RAM booster/system optimiser/any of the other names these bits of snake oil go under.


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To be honest I've never heard of a launcher including a task killer. Do you actually mean that in the way that a task killer app is meant, or just something like the ability to swipe away recent apps on a phone works (which isn't actually a launcher function, though Google's recent coupling of the recent apps overview to stock launchers muddies those waters a bit)?

Anyway no, if it's like those task killer apps you find in the Play Store you don't need one. Not everything that a manufacturer bundles is necessary, unfortunately.


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What android box do you have?

I don't even use a browser let alone a task killer on my android box. I have a nvidia shield.

Why do you need a task killer or browser?