Task manager app that syncs with both Google & Outlook?

I'm looking for an app that allows me to sync both my Google tasks and Outlook tasks to it. So far every app I've seen either connects to only one of the two, or functions as a stand alone. The only app I've found that connects to both is TaskTask, but it's iPhone only.

Any ideas?



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If, by "Outlook" you mean Outlook on your PC, then GSyncit (a $20 Outlook plug-in) can sync your PC-based-Outlook tasks (and everything else, if you so choose) with Gmail/Android. I don't personally use GSyncit but (after much research) I installed it on my parents' PC a few years ago and it's been working fine ever since. (The company that makes GSyncit even let me move the license to a new PC when I upgraded my parents' PC a couple years ago.) For many years, GSyncit has been one of the more popular methods of Outlook-Android syncing. The other popular ones are CompanionLink and (if you don't mind syncing over LAN or USB only) MyPhoneExplorer.

Syncdroid.net has a nice summary/grid of the Outlook-Android sync options.

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Thanks for the Syncdroid summary. "Outlook" could also mean Office 365. I don't necessarily need to sync one to the other, but an app that would allow me to aggregate tasks from both Google and Outlook into a single app/widget would be ideal. My old HTC EVO had a native app that did it quite well - just point the task app at your task sources and done, kind of like how most native calendar apps work. But my new Samsung S6 Edge doesn't include app like that pre-installed, and I've been surprised by the lack of such apps available for download.


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I haven't tried them but (shockingly) I only found 2 apps that seem to directly aggregate tasks from Outlook & Gmail and they're both very expensive...
Gsyncit still seems to be the best solution. Of course if you don't want to merge your Outlook/MS-Exchange account tasks with your Gmail tasks, you could:
  1. Create a new Gmail account that you'd use only for the Outlook/MS-Exchange account.
  2. Install a task app, like Gtask.
  3. Add 2 (or more) accounts to Gtask (free), e.g. your MSE/Outlook-only-Gmail-synced account and your normal Gmail account.
I too am shocked that there aren't any cheap or free apps that can aggregate (but keep segregated) tasks from both MS-Exchange (typically for work use) and Gmail (typically for personal use).
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