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Task Sync, Calendar/Contact Questions and Google vs. Gmail issues

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BoogieNYC, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Apr 22, 2010
    Yak Herder
    Lots of questions -- forgive the redundancy as I'm sure I'm stepping over other threads which may in part sort of answer some of my questions.

    Currently, I'm about to dump my Blackberry Tour. I'm using Google Apps for my main/business email and I use Google App Sync on both desktops (home/PC) and Blackberry Google Sync. All my contacts and calendar items sync wirelessly between both desktops (Outlook 2007) and my phone.

    I'm about to get the Droid X. My first task is to use my business email (not a gmail address but hosted by Google) as the device's main email address. In theory, all my calendar and contact info should sync to the phone. I'm assuming this will happen without too much excitement.

    Problem -- as many people seem to be complaining about -- is what to do about Tasks and Notes/Memos? I'm not averse to using something to sync my tasks/notes between the desktops and Google Tasks, but what about from Google to the phone? Assuming I type in a note or a task in Google (online), will this info sync to the phone? What app(s) on the phone will receive this info? And if I use these apps and enter data, will the info then sync to the corresponding applications (tasks, notes) in Google Apps?

    These are probably basic questions -- forgive the newbie-ness, I haven't gotten a chance to tinker with a functioning, syncing phone yet ;-)

    Basically, I am assuming calendar/contact data will sync without incident, but I need to ascertain how to get tasks and notes to sync -- from the phone to Google and from Google to Outlook, as well as from Outlook to Google and from Google to the phone.

    Finally, another question entirely: since I have a Google Apps account and several gmail accounts, I'm expecting to get some overlap vis-a-vis contacts. I have several people in my main contact list but they are also in my gmail contacts lists (three separate gmail addresses in addition to Google Apps). What do I do about duplicate contacts if/when I notice them? Delete them on the phone, delete them in the individual gmail accounts, or delete them in Google apps, or ignore them and suffer silently with a bunch of duplicate contact records?

    Sorry for the length and the inevitable redundancy of this post. I'm sure these questions will be self-answered within a couple weeks, just was hoping to get some ideas prior to unboxing my first Android phone :)

    Thanks in advance :)


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