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Feb 16, 2011
Keene, NH USA
Version 5.0 of Tasker and App Factory are currently rolling out from Play Store a few users at a time. (20% of users was stated by the developer.)

One issue in App Factory that I reported still remains ... you can run System Lock from a widget in 5.0 but you can not run it from an App Factory Kid.

If you have a single Tasker device running 4.9 on it you may want to wait for a few weeks before upgrading to 5.0. (Recommended by the developer.)

5.0 supports Tasker Screenshot and has a much improved user interface. The release notes are at ...

... Thom
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Have you received Tasker 5.0 yet? Did the corresponding App Factory for 5.0 also come at the same time?

I am on 5.0 beta 9 and have not yet reived the released version.

If you are an App Factory user you should be aware that you must get the updated App Factory that corresponds to Tasker 5.0.

... Thom
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There does not seem to be any major issue with the latest release. There are a number of minor issues (like the one I mentioned earlier).

The author is now on summer break so there will probably be nothing changing over the next two weeks.

FWIW the new user interface is a vast improvement with many new capabilities.

... Thom