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Jan 7, 2012
Usually Tasker is low on my battery list.

Today with battery at 45%, I have 12% usage from screen and 7% usage from Tasker.
Tasker stats show 32 minutes cpu total, 40 sec cpu background, and 7 hours of "keep awake"

I launched a shortcut to Tasker to check what profiles were active. No profiles were active and no tasks running, but I noticed that the shortcut took me directly into a task, whereas normally (if I had hit back key to exit Tasker) it would not take me to a task (it would take me to a task list it profile list within a project).

Putting these two observations together, I wonder if for some reason Tasker responds differently when I don't back out of a Task (maybe it stays in a state where it keeps the device awake).

Just thought it was interesting. Interested in any comments. Otherwise I'll just keep an eye on it


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Sunday results - reported above. Battery drain suspected due to not exiting out of task editing.

Monday results - Normal day. At the end of the day Tasker was not even visible on my list of apps (less than 1% usage).

Tuesay results - this morning at around 8AM I decided to do an experiment in attempt to recreate Sunday's results. I opened a task in tasker. Then added an action. Then pressed home (rather than back) which left Tasker in some kind of edit mode. Now only two hours later Tasker is showing 1% battery used and 58 minutes of "keep awake" time.

I should also mention that I'm running marshmallow, and tasker is one of the few apps that I've excluded from battery optimization.

Conclusion: We definitely need to exit out of tasker properly to avoid battery drain (as well as making sure our changes are properly registered by tasker).

The way I exit (which works fine) is to repeatedly press the back key. You can also select exit from the menu. The wrong way would be to press the home key or recents key from within task edit.
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