Tasker Help!


I have a Thunderbolt and I'm having problems with my screen during calls. The screen will come on randomly while I'm on the phone and my face will trigger the mute button or speaker phone. This is REALLY annoying.

I want to create a profile in Tasker that will turn my screen off while I'm on a call. It seems like it should be a fairly easy profile to create, but I just can't make it happen.

Can anyone help shed some light on this subject for me?



Android Expert
The problems with using Tasker that I see are:

1) Tasker will turn the screen of at a single time, but it cannot maintain the screen in an off state. If something else is triggering the screen to come on again, it will still come on. So I'm not sure it'll fix the problem.

2) You may want your screen to be on sometimes during a call (say, if you need to type in a number on the keypad).

Your phone should have a sensor that turns off the screen when it is in proximity to your face. It may be that the sensor isn't working properly (i.e., a hardware problem).