Tasker ignoring location on boot


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Hopefully this shouldn't be too difficult...

I have a task for when I'm at home. It's based solely on location and it switches wifi on and silent mode off.

Problem is, if I reboot the phone while I'm at home this task appears to run, and initially the two settings are correct but then vibrate mode is activated and wifi goes off.

Any ideas? Thanks


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The task is probably running before your location services have located you.

I see two simple choices.

1. Add a wait task in the profile to wait 5 minutes for example ( not ideal)

2. Using event > boot, set a task to set the location profile off, wait 5 minutes then set the profile status back to on


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I worked it out in the end.

I had 3 location profiles and a 4th that was set to be active if the other 3 weren't. As soon as I deleted this one, everything was fine