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Tasker math expression does not evaluate

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by androidgeek2019, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. androidgeek2019

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    I use an expression
    if (%TIMES-%Offtime)
    %TIMES = builtin variable of current time (e.g. 1560123456)
    %Offtime = a variable set by me which contains an earlier time e.g. 1560000000.

    which does not work, it appears that arithmetic expressions are not supported.
    E.g when I log %TIMES-%Offtime then I see literally "1560123456-1560000000" instead of 123456 which is the numeric result.

    Documentation of Tasker lacks anything about how to use arithmetic expressions.

    How should I use them ?


  2. electricpete

    electricpete Android Expert

    arithmetic is definitely supported.

    many actions (like variable set) have a checkbox labeled "do maths" which forces Tasker to mathematically evaluate the expression.

    make sure that box is checked.

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