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Tasker profile not changing In-Call volume - frustrated!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by 6StringDave, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. 6StringDave

    6StringDave Member
    Thread Starter

    I am happily using Custom Car Home when driving, but I have a bit of a conflict. While I find the In-Call volume to be a bit too loud when set on maximum in most situations, I won't be able to hear anybody unless it's set this way while it's in speakerphone mode and I'm behind the wheel. I would create a context based on the speakerphone activation, but Tasker gets no signal for this. So I have Volume Control+ Pro set the In-Call volume to 3, while a Tasker context should have it raised to 5 while I'm using Custom Car Home (which auto-enables the speakerphone, but not the volume). The problem is is that this context is not working. It goes

    CONTEXT App->Custom Car Home

    TASK Audio->In-Call Volume 5

    The volume has remained on 3 whenever my phone rings, or I make a voice call through Vlingo while in Custom Car Home. It doesn't seem to matter whether I have Volume Control+ Pro locking down the volume either, and I would think that Tasker would take precedence when it works right, but I tested for this anyway - negative.

    Why should this not work, and what other solutions are there?

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  2. adskankster

    adskankster Well-Known Member

    Have you tried running the action on its own? This will test that the profile is getting activated. Try it with Volume Control+ both running, and not running.

    It could be that Volume Control+ is overriding the Tasker setting. What happens if you kill VolumeControl+ at the start of the Action?

    If Tasker won't change the in call volume at all, I'd check with the Tasker discussion group - Pent's normally fairly responsive about this sort of thing. He's always responded to me, anyway.
  3. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    The problem is likely that once you are receiving or making a call, you're no longer in the Custom Car Home app. So Tasker changes the in-call volume to 5 when it sees Custom Car Home as the foreground app, but when a call comes in (or you make a call), Custom Car Home is no longer the foreground app, and Tasker sets the in-call volume back to its previous value.

    Although Tasker has a variable that you can use to determine the current speakerphone setting, you can't use this as a context since it's not monitored. You could try triggering based on going off-hook and then conditionally setting the in-call volume:

    Context: Phone offhook
    In-call Volume 5 If %SPHONE ~ on
    In-call Volume 3 If %SPHONE ~ off

    Each time you go off-hook your in-call volume will be set based on the current status of the speakerphone.
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