Sep 3, 2011
Dear All,
I purchased Tasker a month ago and have been struggling since then to create a profile that will enable "vibrate and then ring" for incoming calls. I have spent hours and hours on google trying to find a "recipe" and have not been able to find. I have also looked into the tutorials. To cut it short, I have done my homework, however am unable to succeed. Hope one of Gurus can help me out.

I have created a state, phone, incoming call, then chose task with the following:
1. silence ringer
2. vibrate for 200 ms
3. wait 3 seconds
4. ringer volume 7

The idea is to vibrate for about 2 or 3 seconds and then ring loud. I understand that step 2 and 3 might add up to 5 seconds. The scenario does not change even if the step 2 or 3 is alone removed

WHen call comes, the default android ringer comes alive and so it does not silence the ringer or vibrate. If I silence the ringer using the android default sound settings then no sound comes. In other words, the default sound settings from Android seems to supersede the settings of Tasker. I am able to see a screen (when call arrives) where I am able to see points 1 to 4 (seen above) as profile.

Can you please help me to achieve vibrate and ring please...

with regards,
Some devices don't respond to ringer volume changes while the phone is ringing. My OG Droid has always worked well with profiles like this, but my son's Ally usually doesn't.

With my son's phone, I needed a way to make it ring loudly, no matter what the current settings were. The workaround I came up with might help you. What I did was after changing the ringer volume to 7, I used the Play Ringtone action and specified the Ringer stream. I also specified a ringtone, but this was just in case he had his default ringtone set to silent. When the phone is answered, the ringer stops playing.

I didn't test for any side effects in the case where an actual ringer was already playing though.