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Tattoo Issues - Email and marketplace

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ALIHISGREAT, Dec 25, 2009.


    Thread Starter

    So i've recently got a Tattoo but i'm having a few frustrating issues...

    Firstly and most irritating is the fact i cannot download apps off the android marketplace on wifi or 3G. I click download but the progress bar just remains on 'starting download'

    and secondly i can't connect email accounts properly... my hotmail connects and doesn't pick up my emails and i can't even connect my googlemail.com address.

    Orange UK
    Firmware 1.6

    any ideas guys?

    and one more question: will the tattoo work with a 16gb micro SD?


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  2. SlowMoe

    SlowMoe Newbie

    I have a similar problem with the WIFI solution.

    Try disconnecting your WIFI and try downloading via 3G only, maybe this works! :D
  3. sandra_blund

    sandra_blund Newbie

    you can also download apps to your computer and then save them on your phone afterwards, via the app called astro
  4. PatD

    PatD Newbie

    How do you get Astro?! My HTC Tattoo / Android 1.6 was purchased unlocked from the USA and sent to me in Canada - which is on the list for "free" Android apps but not on the "paid" list yet. Without a "Market" icon I can't get anything.
    Proud owner of a new "stupid" phone.
  5. try resetting your phone by powering off your phone
  6. PatD

    PatD Newbie

    I've powered my phone on/off quite a few times since I got it. There is no Market icon on it. There is no way to download a Market icon to it. There is not way to download ANY app to it from the Android marketplace. It appears only phones that have the Market icon installed at the factory can use the Marketplace.
  7. reuven

    reuven Newbie

    You probably got a malaysian tattoo, as I did. They come without Market and some other google integration. You can fix it by flashing with a WWE rom. There's a thread somewhere around here (you could probably look for it in my posting history) that has a download link and instructions.

    edit: Here's a link to the post with instructions: http://androidforums.com/htc-tattoo/20498-unlocking-htc-tattoo-orange-uk.html#post132551
  8. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    You do not need an extra app to download apps from computer to phone. If you download android sync it has a button to download apps to the phone. I have done this several time for apps that are not in the market.
  9. PatD

    PatD Newbie

    Huh? Flash? Root? I'm leaving the country shortly. How can I trash my phone if I don't even have a way to back it up? Is there a way to backup a phone. I can't even get HTCsync installed on Win7 - get error messages. I can't get Astro which allows me to see my flash card. I can't seem to get anything downloaded to get started. All online help assumes you already have certain things installed on your phone.

    What do mere mortals do when they can't get started? I've got 40 yrs on computers and this really angers me. People should be able to EASILY get apps into Android devices, regardless where they are located. These "Stupid" phones are portable for G***s sake. What on earth are manufacturers / Android trying to protect?

    Until I see instruction that anyone can understand (I've written hundreds of help files) I am not about the trash my phone. How do I restore it if i DO trash it and create a brick?
  10. megathorin

    megathorin Lurker

    Hi, i have the same problem. To solve it you need to restore the factory setting of the phone.
    It works for me, and now i can download from the market.:)
  11. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    Windows 7 and sync

    If you go to the htc website (HTC - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, PDAs) there are updates to the snyc program that say they cure windows 7 problems. Go into the support tab, select your phone and then a download tab should appear with the most recent version of htcsync. I have vista so I cannot testify to if this works.

    Not too sure about your other problems though. Astro I managed to download through android market which should come preinstalled on the phone.

    Hope this helps
  12. reuven

    reuven Newbie

    If you've got 40 yrs of computer experience I'd expect you to know what flashing something or rooting something is.

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