Nov 6, 2009
I have a HTC Tattoo on Orange and im trying to discover how to get the usual black theme you see on some Tattoo phones on mine, rather than the dull grey one that comes with it. Is there something im missing on the phone to set the theme to black or do i take it Orange have removed that along with the google stuff?
In settings -> personalise -> home screen I can choose between Orange and HTC home screens. Is that what you're after?
No m8 i don't think i explained it too well :). On the Orange Tattoo there are the 2 themes installed ie: The HTC one or the Orange one, well if you choose the HTC One then all the apps skins are greyish whereas if you look around online you see the apps skins are all black. So what im trying to find out is how to have the theme the same as you see online where everything including the apps and keyboard are black and not the bog standard grey ones that come with the Orange phone.
I know what you mean, it should look like this

Not this

Yep thats what im talking about russell160295, lol why i didnt post pics to show what i meant i'll never know.
I had this problem and I don't know of any other way to fix it than to flash the phone with newer non-crapware-filled rom from htc which is what I did.

Go to http://androidforums.com/htc-tattoo/...ml#post132551] and follow the step by step guide up until "19. Download HTC Tattoo ROM" after you have downloaded the ROM boot the phone into Hboot mode with the volume down and power button, push the back button and select fastboot mode. Plug in the USB cable and sync it with PC. and then just run the "RUU_Click_HTC_WWE_1.67.405.6_WWE_release_signed_ NoDriver.exe'' from the pc. If you have done all the steps correctly it should bypass the CID and update your firmware.

It's complicated but it works!