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tattoo ring only once

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sNi, May 25, 2010.

  1. sNi

    sNi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All, I just got my tattoo but I Noticed that it only ring once (although it continues to vibrate) is there any way to change the ringer settings:thinking:

    also i cant find android market application.

    thanks in advance

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  2. sNi

    sNi Lurker
    Thread Starter

  3. Skywave

    Skywave Newbie

    Hi sNi

    As to why your Tattoo only rings once, I cant help you.
    But the android market is availabel through "all programs". Choose "market" and you are there:)
  4. sNi

    sNi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks Skywave,

    do you mean that your don't have this problem with your phone?

    and no it's not in all programs
  5. Skywave

    Skywave Newbie

    Yes, my Tattoo rings 4-5 times, and that is also too little time, I mean, sometimes you put your phone somewhere, and when it rings, you have to find it first:p
    I dont understand why you cant find android market in "all programs", I think we have to rely on some clever guy in our forum:rolleyes:
  6. sNi

    sNi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks again Skywave,

    waiting for clever guy:D
  7. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Newbie

    My Tattoo has started ringing just once too, I recently downloaded Handcent from the Market and wondering if this is causing the issue :-S
  8. Huw

    Huw Member

    Mine's starting doing this too, and I'm pretty sure it's only been since the recent Orange update. VERY annoying.
  9. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Newbie

    Yes Huw, I hadn't thought about that as I've done the latest update on my phone too.
  10. Huw

    Huw Member

    HTC blamed driver conflicts and told me to perform a factory reset. I did, and the problem persists. However I'm still on the updated version of the software (the Orange-specific update) so a rollback would probably solve the issue.

    However, all HTC said was that if the factory reset failed, I should contact them to send the phone in for repair! Issues like these and the lack of Android 2.x are really annoying me. This is probably the last HTC phone I buy.
  11. Huw

    Huw Member

    Well, I gave them a call. Was put through straight away to a friendly chap but he couldn't help. He said check the Orange website for an update that might solve the issue, but there aren't any. He says if I wanted to roll back the software I'd have to send it in to HTC for a re-flash and it would take 7 working days. I declined; being without my phone for a couple of weeks would be even more annoying to me than the single ring issue.

    He had absolutely no information at all about Android 2.1 either, so I "left feedback" about how disappointed we Tattoo users are that we're still on 1.6 when everyone else seems to be moving on.

    I like the Tattoo but I'm sorry I signed up to a lengthy contract now. If the Tattoo never gets an Android update I won't buy another HTC phone.
  12. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Newbie

    As well as the ringtone issue I've also noticed that since doing the ROM update if I make an out going call it seems to take ages before I get connected to the number I'm calling.
  13. brandmarked

    brandmarked Well-Known Member

    Is the phone still showing incoming call when it is not ringing?

    If not the problem might rest with Orange in terms of how quickly the phone diverts to Voicemail as this is an operator set thing.
  14. Huw

    Huw Member

    No, the call is still coming in, but the ringtone is only played once - which is very annoying for those of us who use a "normal" ringtone as opposed to a tune.
  15. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Newbie

    Just noticed I have the same problem with the alarm clock, it buzzes for the length of the alarm tone then stops but the phone continues to vibrate.
  16. Huw

    Huw Member

    I can confirm this. I've actually been using a longer ringtone for alarms so I hadn't noticed, but I just tried with a shorter one. Same issue. HTC have royally buggered up this update and I'm sorry I ever installed it. It only fixes one problem which I didn't even have anyway. :mad:
  17. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Newbie

    Yeah I wish I hadn't installed it either. I'm starting to wish I'd got a windows based phone instead now as Tattoo can't receive WAP push messages either.
  18. Huw

    Huw Member

    I think I'd get on fine with a higher-end HTC phone, I think it's just we Tattoo users who are being shafted. Oh well, only another 14 months or so until I can upgrade... I think I might pay my way out of the contract later this year and go on to something else if HTC still haven't released Android 2.x.
  19. Huw

    Huw Member

    And just like that, the issue disappears. I can't imagine what I might have done to fix it, but suddenly my phone is ringing properly again! \o/
  20. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Newbie

    Could it be that Orange have done a sneeky software update? Do you have automatic software updates switched on on your phone?
  21. Huw

    Huw Member

    No, that's not enabled. I have no idea how it happened. But it's academic now because the bug has resurfaced once again, and this time I definitely hadn't changed any settings.

    I give up trying to figure out this damn phone.
  22. achon

    achon Lurker

    In my Tattoo mobile phone ringed only once. I discovered after breaking my head and calling Vodafone and HTC that I used a 3 seconds ringtone which was called Old_Phone.

    So the phone used to ring only for the time that this happened. So changed the ringtone to a long tone and started to work again.

    Special mention to my colleague Elaine who discovered it.

  23. FijiJim

    FijiJim Lurker

    I bought my Tattoo completely unlocked while working in Dubai. Has the same issue of only ringing once. Completely frustrating. Is there any fix to this? Between this and the lack of Market I am totally disappointed with my first Droid phone.

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