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General TB Review and Questions from former BB Devotee

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gypsyjacket, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Apr 1, 2011

    Apr 1, 2011
    Greetings, New to the Board and Android in general, with the TB being my first non-BB phone. With that said, I am really blown away by the TB. I thought I had an idea as to the functionality of an android phone vs a BB, but I really didn't. I am constantly finding new things to adjust, tweak, and download. I can't imagine why anyone would want a BB anymore. -I have an ipod touch, but now that I have iSyncr, i don't think I'll use the ipod again. The TB is just so much better, and I can only assume that an iphone is very similar to the ipod. I sync'd with my company's exchange server VERY easily, didn't lose anything. All contacts, calendar, emails, etc. came through perfectly so that was nice. Likes: - sync'd well with exchange - tons of apps to play with and customize (weatherbug, angry birds, shopsavvy, green power, advanced task killer, drop box, isyncr) - love the navigation feature - love the voice recognition functionality Dislikes are few, but strong: - hard to read the screen outside - dislike the native SMS app, but it's okay - color on photos taken with camera are too red; need to spend more time with it - To forward an email, do I really have to hit "menu, more, and forward"?? You either reply, forward or delete an email. Those buttons should be right there. - i haven't figured out how to set custom notification profiles. For example, when i get home and on weekends I like to turn my work email sound off, but keep all else live. Also in meetings i like to get an LED notification for emails, but no sound. I pretty much leave the ringer and SMS notifications on unless I have everything set to silent. I just can't seem to change only the email notification to silent yet LED blinking. Am I missing something? Plus, i haven't decided on the whole screen cover thing. Thanks!


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