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TB wont boot past HTC screen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Turbo Chuckles, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Turbo Chuckles

    Thread Starter

    ok i see there is alot of threads about this already but they all talking about rooting here is my situation

    I have owned my tb for a little over a year now its stock i have done nothing to it this morning i pulled my phone off the charger the second i pulled the cord it rebooted and started its boot loop, it would go to the white with the green HTC screen stay for about 10-20 second and go black and keep doing it again and again, i had to go to work so stuck it in my pocket and left it alone i checked it about 2 hours later and it was booted and working fine it worked all day i got home and the battery was nearly dead, the second i plugged the phone in boom!! back to boot loop and its stuck there it wont come back so far i have done the fallowing.

    i pushed the volume and power buttons to get to that boot screen i tried to boot into recovery and nothing straight back into loop then i hit factory reset and again nothing straight back to loop everything is backed up i just want the phone to work and i want to avoid having to send it in the phone insurance better cover it if i have to.

    it also will not charge at all there is not enough power to let it just sit there and loop the second i pop the battery back in it trys to boot on its own even if in the boot screen i tell it to power down 10 seconds later it auto boots it has never done that before

    sorry for the long post i only have one shot at this my phone is my internet i dont have home internet and sence the phone is currently a paper wight i have to find other means i will try to get back to this post asap but it my take awhile THANKS for any help

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  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Hey, there, and welcome to the forums. I moved your post here for better exposure from TB owners. Hope these fine folks can easily answer your question!
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  3. swankyspoon

    swankyspoon Newbie

    Mine just hit a similar problem... Weird...
  4. Turbo Chuckles

    Thread Starter

    well phone just got worse to the point of not even turning on took it to a Verizon store they put a full charge batt in it, same totally dead getting a free replacement hopefully its not a refurbished POS and i hope no more problems but there are still people out there with this prob like swankey so if you have a solution fill free to post. thanks
  5. swankyspoon

    swankyspoon Newbie

    Sorry. No solution. Sent in for replacement today.
  6. STEye

    STEye Newbie

    I had that problem happen when I was flashing ROMS. Sometimes I had to pull the battery and boot it up again for it to get past the white HTC screen.
  7. PhoneManiac

    PhoneManiac Guest

    try not backing up anything. Reset it again and pull the battery. Put the battery back in and then reset it one more time. And it will be fixed.

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