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TBolt to GNex back to TBolt and now Rezound...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by csbarnhill, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. CharlzO

    CharlzO Android Expert

    Responses in Bold.

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  2. CharlzO

    CharlzO Android Expert

    I have no reason at all to doubt many of the posters who have had issues. It happens, nothing is perfect. Even though many of us haven't, and in this case, even the OP admits that it might have just been a flawed phone. Again, it happens, doesn't make them a liar or a troll trying to stir up trouble. Just means they had issues, and addressed them in a way they felt best for their usage - In this case, a different phone.
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  3. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Android Expert

    To the guy who posted benchmarks and speed tests and think their true you are the guy who swears quadrant is the law.

    To charlzo, im not talking about 4g speed test. Im talking about grabbing and holdung onto a 4g signal.

    Tested next to 2 rezounds a thunderbolt and stratosphere and the nexus is only phone to drop to 3g in buildings. Getting 3g speeds of speed test.

    I didnt say this phone wasnt good i did say i was keeping it.

    Im just saying dont hate on someone who thinks its not the greatest phone ever which a lot not all of you do.

    You people attack any person who says i dont like this about the nexus with i dont know what youre talking about i dont have that problem.

    Im keeping my nexus. Even though i think the rezound is a better smartphone.
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  4. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    anyway u werent using the term 'focus priority' as a camera term??
    tell me the difference this and u just described on RELEASE PRIORITY??

    now.. Tbolt and rezound's camera is better cuz it autofocus better??? LMAO it keep changing stories.. o boy..
    first.. noise on low light was issue the color saturation now.. u claim GNex's autofocus is an issue now?

    there are many images of unfocused photo from even DSLR.
    I use panasonic DMC-FZ7 (high end digital camera 5~6yrs ago) and i do get bad photos often when I set it everything on auto.
    check this site
    Your worst picture ever: Digital Photography Review

    focus priority isnt the one determins quality of photo.. its just an option for some DSLR to prevent unfocused photo. (still it doesnt guarantee great quality of photo cuz there are many factors)

    since u asked, i'll ask simple question (basic) about camera.
    what's effective lens size of rezound? it wont take more than 1min for so called semi pro photographer.
    I have iphone 4, Gnex.. Iphone 4 has 1.375mm, GNex has 1.225mm
  5. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    then you are gonna have to try hard to prove how unreliable benchmark tests are.
    i'd put more faith on those benhmarks than just your words.
  6. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Android Expert

    Can we trust Smartbench 2011 scores? - Smartphone Benchmarks (SmartBench 2010/Quadrant) Forum

    I dont just make stuff up guy

    Google quadrant scores faked or benchmarks unreliable.

    The radio is better on the rezound
    The speaker is better on the rezound.
    What makes the phone a phone is better on the rezound.
    The camera is unaimously better on the rezound.

    Keep going?

    If you want to get technical with benchmarks feel free to pm me and i will show you more examples/facts
  7. ReUp

    ReUp Newbie

    I think both the phones are good...I went with the Rezound because there was things I liked better on the Rezound then the GN...I was gonna return it when the GN came out but decided to stay with it...But that's just my opinion...Some people love the Nexus...And they should its a nice phone also...Shouldn't we be talking about how Android has the best phones on the market today...
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  8. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    keep going on plz..
    did u even read the site u just posted? or understand?
    that site is saying noting more than how unreliable smartbench is. (simple weakness in program to bypass it)

    when all benchmark out there possible are saying same thing (droid razr outperforms rezound), its cuz thats what it is.
  9. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    I dont need to google to know the term. but i need to look at terms in english since its not my native language.
    Im not self claimed semi pro photographer like you but I do own DSLR(pentax kr), high end digital camera(panasonic FZ7) and smartphones (iphone4, Gnex) and know the differences between.

    this photo i just took.


    anyway gtg.. enjoy ur holiday.
  10. That is highly debatable unfortunately.... ;)
  11. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    I think the OP had a fair and informative post explaining why the Gnex wasn't for him, simple. Why all this extra arguing is going on is beyond me. I am the owner of an Evo 3D so I can't comment on neither the Rezound or the Gnex. The one thing I will comment on (that is strictly opinion) is Sense UI on Android. I felt like for a long time Sense's UI was what made Android "elegant and clean". Everything from social networking to widgets were quite nice... then after a while Sense completely bored me.

    Then I saw ICS and thought finally... Google got it right and created a Stock UI that could pull me away from Sense. But after countless videos and in-store demoing of the Gnex it didn't give the wow factor. The multitasking and app draw were great and I hope all devices that are upgradable include this. But other than this, nothing really grabbed me.

    I said all of that to say this: I agree with the OP's stance on Sense, people of course have their preference but for me Sense really helps pull Android together, it doesn't bog down my device in some kind of annoyingly obvious way. Things flow smoothly and I feel at home with Sense on Android. I'm very interested in seeing what HTC does w/ ICS while incorporating their UI.
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  12. ReUp

    ReUp Newbie

    Maybe you think so...I don't :cool:
  13. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Android Expert

    Im not gonna go on in this post

    If you think quadrant, smartbench or any other benchmark is legit theb:


    I dont take benchmarks very seriously though and thats my personal opinion.
  14. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Where is this thread going? Its about an OP who decided to switch to the Rezound, and looks to have had a bad unit with the Galaxy Nexus.

    So a few out there want to call out the people who own a Nexus, and are trouble free, and call them Fan Boys? Seriously, let's not create a phoney food fight! Comparing the Rezound to the Nexus is an old argument...the Rezound will be obsolete in about 2 weeks when HTC brings something (finally) new to the table at CES. The Nexus will be future proof for a while, the Rezound does not share that luxury! I'm a picky person, and I absolutely love my Galaxy Nexus...does everything I need for it to do, and more...So to some it may not be the perfect phone...No phone is! But I must honestly say this is the happiest I've been with a phone in a while. Stop Hatin already...
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  15. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast

    I really like threads like this. Good discussion ab out topics that the fanboys like to avoid.

    I also really like it when these threads are in the correct phone forum. This one should be in the rezound forum. In fact the OP should have been added to the 2-3 other threads in the rezound forum hating on the nexus and praising the rezound.

    Please keep in mind that I'm waiting unto Jan 14th to decide if I'm keeping the nexus or getting the rezound again. I go to the rezound forum to see what I'm missing be being here. It sucks donkey ballz when the two forums mix.
  16. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Flame post and response removed.

    Just report flame posts, don't reply to them.

    If anyone here wants to make one more post about other people here instead of discussing phones, I would advise against it.

    Failure to heed this warning will carry a severe penalty and may result in loss of posting privileges.

    Read my sig.
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  17. csbarnhill

    csbarnhill Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That photo looks pretty good, I did get some decent shots with the GN just not consistent enough for me. BTW, I never said the TB had a better camera, just stating it was slow like some other phones because it focused before the shutter release, which is what I mean about acting like focus priority. I believe the GN focuses also just not as well. You were also asking about lens size earlier. I never looked at that spec but I do know that the largest aperture on the RZ is f/2.2 with a 28mm focal length, which is great for a phone, not sure what the nexus is.

    To be honest I'm done here and moving on.

    Thank you to the Mod. for cleaning up this thread a bit.

    Happy New Year to all...
  18. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    My 2 coppers... I really wish we as an Android community would stop all this fighting. We act like Apple fanboys, only we do so over manufactures. I have used all of the big 3 (Moto, HTC, and now Samsung). My opinion on build quality is that Moto blows everyone else away, I owned the OG Droid and that thing is still going strong it is built like a beast. I moved from that to the Thunderbolt, I liked that phone as well, it felt cheaper then the Droid from a build perspective. However I liked Sense a lot more then I thought I would, after using it for a while it really does add to the Android experience and for my money is the best of the OEM overlays.

    Now the Nexus is my first Samsung phone, I would put it second in build quality to the Droid. There were too many light leak issues with the Thunderbolt, it didn't personally bother me as much as some of the others that I saw post about it, but you can not deny that it was there and was a product of how HTC chooses to build the screens on their phones.

    Now with all that said I love my Nexus, for some unknown reason I have had very good luck with electronics and do not have to return things to get good units. The Nexus to me is flawless (as was my Droid and Thunderbolt). However having been in this forum since I got the OG Droid (almost 2 years ago) I can tell you that every phone had these exact same posts. Heck you should have seen the Thunderbolt forum, there were posts calling for people to sue HTC over the build quality issues of that phone.

    The thing about these posts is that people do not tend to post on forums when their phone is perfect. They come here because they have an issue or they are looking for information. I don't get the arguments that happen, if you like the phone and have no issues with it then why does that make you a fanboy?!? To me it means that you have found a phone that is right for you.

    As someone said earlier, the joy of Android is that there is a phone for everyone. You don't have to be happy with the one phone that Apple decideds should run iOS. We have a number of phones from diverse handset makers. All are different and offer different things for different people. Some of us want to be able to root easily, others want the best audio experience, others want the best camera, or just a well rounded phone.

    Again the joy of Android is that we have a choice in what hardware we want. As a community we need to embrace that and see past the petty squables about who's phone is better. It isn't a personal attack on you when someone doesn't have the same love of a phone that you do. The Rezound isn't for me, however that doesn't mean it isn't a great phone, again as an Android user we can make that decission.
  19. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Ok, well said, so let's all move on. :)
  20. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    I went from the Tbolt to the Rezound to the Nexus

    I loved all three phones but here is what I think

    Battery -- Nexus hands down
    Screen -- The Nexus screen is gorgeous and better in daylight but the Rezound was slightly more accurate IMO . I'll take the Nexus screen
    Signal -- I never had signal issues with any of them
    Speaker - Rezound had by far the loudest speaker but the speaker phone on my Nexus is louder then both . But in call speaker was equal on the two HTC
    Speed -- Now I don't remember my Tbolt stock but it ran so muc hsmoother on CM7 then the Rezound was stock . I found the Rezound very laggy , Nexus is so fast and so smooth
    Audio Quality -- Now you would think with the ohh so Great Beats Audio package (sarcasm) the Rezound would be better but it simply wasn't I find that with Power Amp my music sounds better on the Nexus with the same earbuds used with the Rezound and Tbolt
    Camera- No comparison the Rezound camera is simply great for a smartphone it's bettery in every way then the Nexus but the Nexus is better then the Tbolt and takes fine pics . But if Camera was my main priority on a phone I'd get the Rezound

    Overall I think all three phones are great and if you had to choice between the Rezound and NExus there wasn't a wrong choice . The OP had a bad experience with his Nexus so he moved back to the Rezound . He's got a great phone , if the Nexus didn't come out I would be perfectly happy with the Rezound I had especially with an Unlocked bootloader now . People need to stop defending there phone it shouldn't matter if someone likes a different phone better then the one you own. There is no perfect phone on the market they all accelerate in different areas and have weak points
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  21. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Though I don't like iPhone, one thing I envy about Apple fans is they are more or less united. Sadly Android fans are fragmented to their favorite phones and often hate each other more than iPhone. Each has right to like certain phone for his/her own reasons that might differ from others.
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  22. BzB

    BzB Android Enthusiast

    easy to be united with apple's one size fits all approach. it's a great product if it fits your needs.

    android isn't unified due to the customization google allows to the os by manufacturers and carriers. also the options in hardware. with sense, blur, touchwiz, etc many android phones are so customized by the manufacturer that the android underlay is almost unrecognizable to the layman user.

    that's why i'm happy to see ics coming out. with this platform as the base hopefully we'll see more standardization across manufacturers in terms of less os customization. i don't really expect that to happen, but i'm glad to make a return to a pure android os that has really stepped it up. when i went from the og droid 1 to the htc incredible i thought user experience with sense was smoother, more intuitive, and more feature filled than vanilla android. now with ics (after having two sense phones since the og droid) i'm glad to see google has really built a platform that can stand on it's own. all the manufacturer overlays are no longer required for a much improved user experienced. i will give the manufacturer (samsung in this case) credit for pairing the os with some really good hardware.

    if i didn't get the nexus i would've stuck with my thunderbolt which was/is a great phone. the rezound didn't move me enough to switch from the tbolt, but it is also a very good phone.
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  23. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    I agree 100%. I never tried a Sense UI phone...I ran an alpha Sense ROM on the OG Droid. Just from that alpha rom...I was amazed at how much smoother it was. My OG got stuck in a boot loop, couldnt boot into recovery for the past several months...had to sbf back to 2.0.1 yesterday. (Didnt even look for a 2.1 or 2.2 sbf...had 2.0.1 on my PC already)

    Going back to 2.0.1 makes me appreciate how far Android has come, makes me even appreciate the custom UI's for what they offered to try to enhance Android.

    I honestly felt that before ICS...stock Android on phones was too plain, too boring. I like what I see so much from ICS...I have a G Nex coming tomorrow. Not to replace my RAZR, just to do some comparing. And if some things go right...I will have a real dilemma. Not concerning the RAZR tho...but one of my back up phones.

    As you can see I lurk in the Rezound section too....it may get a test run from me too...lol. I said there was gonna be a time when the phone choices was gonna make me want to carry more than one. I think that time is now...and just beginning.

    Cant WAIT to see whats coming for 2012 and beyond....
  24. jimmypop13

    jimmypop13 Well-Known Member

    my first nexus had a bad looking screen and a horrible earpiece speaker. It sounded metallic and fuzzy like a blown speaker. I swapped for a new one and it had a great sounding earpiece and the screen is much better. Maybe you just got a dud?
  25. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    first, you dont know why benchmarks are needed to compare device vs device, since comparing hardware parts wont give people enough info.

    if u dont think benchmarks are not legit.. I dont know how u come up with 'rezound hardware's better' since when Rezound is using cheap and older architech hardware parts.

    CPU GNex's TI OMAP4460>Rezound's Snapdragon S3. (GNex got 1mb L2cache, while Rezound got 512kb L2cache on it)

    Memory: both has 1GB RAM but GNex's dual channel while Rezound's single channel.

    GPU: Razr's SGX540@304mhz performed almost same as Rezound's adreno220 on video above, GNex has SGX540@384mhz.

    Display: Rezound's cheaper Sony? S-LCD is not even comparable to AH-IPS-LCD or HD SAMOLED. S-LCD's name might be Sony but Samsung own that company.
    it started as joint company by sony and samsung, sony provided $, Samsung provided their 7th genernation lcd tech called s-lcd, so that became name of company. S-LCD.

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