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TCL idol X S950 - opinions...

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Retko, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Retko

    Retko Lurker
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    Hi guys.
    I fell in love with this model, and its price level :)
    But I need some opinions on this..

    I couldnt post the link here on that page with smartphone, dont know why... But in this forum on firtst page, are those links... (similar forum like this, and question)

    Zobrazit téma - TCL idol X S950 - poradte... - Otev ená komunita pro otev enou platformu AndroidForum.cz mobilnÃ* telefony

    Its too cheap in my opinion... But problem is that here is same model on the page, but more expensive... See. - second link...

    On the first one, there are no feedback, but maybe there will be in several days, because its sold from 31.12...

    And also - there are 2 discriptions.. One is without GSM.. so I am thinking wont I have problem in Europe with this??? (But on the secont description its here)...

    And one thing, I already know, that page is delivering....

    Thanks for whatever you got to say...

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    1) There's no English version of the site, so ???

    2) No GSM means no work in Europe.

    3) Very cheap phones (for what you get - a phone designed for Froyo will be very cheap, but it can be a good phone for the purpose it was intended for) are usually not as advertised (3G/4G can actually turn out to be only 3G - or even 2G), there's no data available on them (meaning no rooting or custom ROMs or recoveries) and there's no tech support. If something goes wrong with the phone, and it's not covered by the replacement warranty, it usually means that you buy a new phone, because the parts needed to repair it aren't available.
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  3. Retko

    Retko Lurker
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    There are all known languages -- upper right corner..
    But thanks for reply,, Will consider.. :)

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