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Teather without add on..

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by flip2405, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. flip2405

    flip2405 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    kk easiest way to wifi teather without having to pay for it and without getting the annoying pay for our junk when our 3g blows any way... No one should have to pay to teather with cricket that's just eww.....

    Get mozilla firefox or your favorite browser Search for a plug in to change the

    "user agent"

    Every time your browser connects to a website it leaves a foot print telling the webserver which OS,Browser,Version you are on so the page will properly fit your browser which is how cricket detects your teathering.. by enabling the "user agent" plugin it tricks cricket to believe you are on an ipad,iphone,android which ever you should choose but a mobile browser none the less..

    Now with the explination and bypass included keep this in mind Cricket throttles your data after 1 gig.. I do have a paid solution to pass that but i'm still working out some kinks.. also keep in mind your browser will then start loading web pages in mobile and keep in mind every time you restart your browser to change the user agent or you will get that pesky message from cricket just simply restart your phone once or twice n do it over again..

    This is one of my first guides so if i need to clear anything up please let me know

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  2. jimmy513

    jimmy513 Member

    When will u have the paid thing ready?

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