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I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 (android 4). I am wondering, upon uninstalling an app what actions are taken. What I mean is does it just deactivate the application (So its still on the tablet) Or does it completely remove it from the registry along with all it's linked files. How clean is the removal process?


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Uninstalling will remove all components of the app, and should also remove the app's data and settings (though I usually "clear data" for the app before uninstalling, to be sure). However, if the app has created any folders on your sd card those, and their contents, will not be removed.

On Android 4 you can also deactivate the app using Settings > Apps, which does what it says: stops the app running (and removes it from the app drawer) but leaves it installed and preserves its data. So this is distinct from uninstalling.

There's no registry - that's a Windows thing, and android is Linux-based.