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Technologically Challenged about contacts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stephaniebella, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. stephaniebella

    Thread Starter

    I have all my contacts in my phone, but the only phone numbers or addresses that are in my phone are my facebook friends, the rest of the people who don't use FB their numbers haven't up loaded, how do I upload their numbers?

    I also can't email anyone, it says can't find any emails configured on this device, but their email is showing under their name in the contacts??? Why am I not allowed to email?

  2. Have you ever put in the phone numbers for those contacts? Or are you only using the facebook contacts? In the People app, hit menu-view, and make sure phone contacts are checked.

    If you havent entered them in yet, you can do it on the phone, or the easier way is to login to gmail on your computer and enter them in there, then they will sync with the phone.

    Just because you have contacts, doesnt mean your email is setup. Did you setup your gmail account when you got the phone? If not, go to your GMail app, and sign in. If you dont use Gmail, you will have to manually enter your account, password, and servers into the Email app.
  3. stephaniebella

    Thread Starter

    My phone is a droid x
  4. stephaniebella

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    Yes my gmail is set up,
  5. stephaniebella

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    Thank you for your help
  6. stephaniebella

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    What is the people app, just the icon of the shadowed figure?

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