Tecno L3


Jul 21, 2013
Hello there I from Nigeria and new in this android forum and I need ur tech help in order to root my fone. I just buy another. TECNO L3 and unable to root it with srs root, super one click, eroot, and bin4ry all to no avail.I ve used the previous version of d done lik TECNO D5,P3 N N3 and rooted them successfully. These are fone parameters: Baseband version: MAUI.1.1AMD.12.22.SP.V15.P1,2013/03/07 11:14
Kernel version: 3.4 0
Build Number L3_A351_2013013_VO_1_6.I will version delighted if you can help me out.Thanks
The manufacturer might have changed something with the later device, which probably made any previously known rooting exploits for this device invalid.
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