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Telus - htc desire 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bocco, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. bocco

    bocco Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So good news everyone, i spoke to a SR. telus rep, and he said it will 100% be released this month, and he has herd it will be October 27th

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  2. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    Interesting developments. I emailed them and they gave me the usual generic bs about not releasing sensitive information and that I should be referencing the site for any updates.

    I'm waiting... so we shall see.
  3. chaoticfury

    chaoticfury Member

    Can't wait for the 27th.....
  4. LOGIK

    LOGIK Newbie

    NICE NICE NICE, cant wait! =)
  5. compuwiz

    compuwiz Lurker

    Hey, I am new here, but I thought i would post that on the TELUS website, it shows:
    "Upgrade your HTC Desire to Android 2.2 today"

    It isn't working for me yet. Anyone have any luck? TELUS DESIRE
  6. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    oh wow, I just checked that page this morning and it literally just changed when I checked your post.

    I just checked mine and it's not available just yet.
  7. MDesire2010

    MDesire2010 Member

    By the Gods, this cannot be! Froyo......is available to Telus at long last??? :)
  8. nik3t

    nik3t Newbie

  9. This is exciting! Does anyone know how big the file is? And does the update come over whichever network settings you set? (wifi/3G) I have spotty internet and don't want it to time-out or crash halfway through. But if I go 3G I have to pay money for the data. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!
  10. chaoticfury

    chaoticfury Member

    My Telus website still says October.

    I just tried on my phone and nothing yet.


    Maybe they are preparing for tomorrow.
  11. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

    Said "today" earlier this morning (on BC) but now says 'Octobor" haha. On a side note, the year price dropped from $449 to $399.
  12. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    what the hell?? they changed it back to "October"
  13. lyra42

    lyra42 Newbie

    Looks like it won't be out today after all?
  14. chaoticfury

    chaoticfury Member

    I am pretty sure they are just prepping for tomorrow. I think that the information we had originally for the 27th is pretty accurate.
  15. I can confirm that it did in fact say 'today'.
  16. chaoticfury

    chaoticfury Member

    My recent look into this makes me feel it was a mistake. Turns out TELUS released 2.1 for the hero today. Hopefully tomorrow for the rest of us.
  17. bocco

    bocco Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes guys tomorrow is the date they are releasing it and it will be staggered over the next 4 days. So by the 31st we will all have been upgraded.
    I hope mine is active tomorrow.

    Telus KNOWS SHIT, if you wanted to know you just have to call HTC and they are extremely nice and were even knocking telus saying and i quote
    "thats what happens when you outsource, they dont know enough" LOL

    Lets all keep people updated when you did your upgrade.

    Remember they did let me know make sure your on WIFI, and either on the charger, or full power and it will take 10 - 15 mins to do the update
  18. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    Awesome, good info. I'll be sure to keep everybody posted on my upgrade. I'm in Toronto. :D
  19. It won't be posted on htc Telus support site? I would've assumed this to be the fastest method (as they've done for the Hero update today). Never-the-less, I can post when mine's updating/update too - GTA.
  20. bocco

    bocco Newbie
    Thread Starter

    here is something i found, and NOW I CANT WAIT EVEN MORE !!!

    - It's faster
    - Improved WiFi and 3G Signal (Noticed by kilohercas)
    - Multiple reports of battery lasting longer than with Eclair 2.1. (See Bouncer5's topic for more info)
    - No more accidental screen activation by proximity sensor while talking with bluetooth. (Found by jordanxp)
    - Android Cloud to Device Messaging support, Eg. ChromeToPhone to send links, maps directly to phone from chrome/firefox browser (Found by psycop)
    - Search function will now also search in Android Market (Found by bridgstfer)
    - Speaker volume increased (Reported by rikbrouwer)

    - Startup sound is reduced in volume (Found by iKarampa)
    - Now vibrates on shutdown (Found by Domsdey)
    - Shutdown time is reduced a lot (Found by psycho.ro)

    - Screen can now also be rotated to the right! (Found by martintzvetomirov)
    - New Task Switcher when holding Home button. Displays 8 apps instead of 6. (Found by steve228uk)
    - Helicopter View now has bigger thumbnails (Found by th3)

    - Launcher has been renamed from All Programs to All Apps (Found by steve228uk)
    - HTC Share App
    - News & Weather
    - Videos
    - Voice Search
    - WiFi Hotspot
    - Torchlight
    - Search (Google)
    - Pictures renamed to Gallery
    - Twitter has been renamed to 'Twitter For HTC Sync' (Found by Havner)

    - Calculator Widget (Found by jaymit)
    - FM Radio Widget (Found by martintzvetomirov)
    - Market Widget (Found by jaymit)
    - News & Weather Widget (Found by Havner)
    - All icons in Widget > Settings are new + 3 new widgets (Profile, Ringtone & Hotspot) (Found by Bouncer5)
    - When going to Shortcut > Bookmark, you know get a bookmark thumbnail (Found by steve228uk)
    - Bug: SMS Widget; When last message deleted from last thread, then widget balloon disappears, leaving only buttons for compose and list. (Found by darkduck)
    - Missing: Black HTC Search Widget (Found by MD1500)

    - Wireless Networks contains settings for WiFi Hotspot
    - New menu for Screen settings.
    - New menu for Speech settings.
    - App screen is split up in 4 tabs: Downloaded | Only actived | All apps | On SD-Card
    - New sound setting that allows lock/unlock sounds. (Found by loizoskounios)
    - new volume settings that lets you independently change Ringtone, Media, Alarm and if seperate, Notification volume. (Found by aindow)
    - Missing: Privacy menu, including the option for backup to SD card. (Found by gush)

    Dialer Related:
    - Notification bar shows image of the person currently calling. (Found by beckett1)
    - Dialer has new Android robot, kinda 3D looking one now.
    - The slide bar for accepting a call now has a thin red and green line. (Found by loizoskounios)
    - New WiFi information availble in the *#*#4636#*#* menu. (Found by 3722)
    - HTC Super Caller ID shows users Facebook status (Found by chichoko)

    - It's no longer possible to unlock the slide-down screen by pressing menu. (Found by kevano22)
    - The screen unclock sequence can be set to engage after some minutes, or immediatly. (Better formulated by elek_it)
    - Can now be a pattern lock, PIN lock or an alphanumeric password
    - The lock pattern has grey middle buttons instead of black.
    - Instead of just the time of the next alarm time. It also shows which day.
    - Option to play a sound when locking/unlocking (Found by psycho.ro)

    - Keyboard now allows for Chinese input
    - Keyboard now allows for quick language change.
    - User dictionary no longer jumps to top when editing a word (Found by jaymit)
    - Seperate screen for deleting user dictionary words, allowing for batch deleting.
    - Bug: If keyboard is set to Russian (Pусский), pressing spacebar will output an exclamation mark "!" instead of a space (Found by monsterfly) (Not bugged when in Landscape mode! - yordaniy)
    - Bug: If keyboard is set to Russian (Pусский), pressing enter will output an "э" instead of a new line (Found by Eugene120) (Not bugged when in Landscape mode! - yordaniy)

    - Adobe Flash 10.1 support is built in (make sure plugins are allowed in settings!) (Found by martintzvetomirov)
    - Supports animated GIFs (Found by mscha)
    - Files can now be uploaded through the browser (Found by mcgon1979)
    - Now remembers bookmark order settings after reboot. (Found by doggie123)
    - Downloads history is now categorized (e.g. today, tomorrow, last month) (Found by DimL)
    - MP3 Streaming supported (Found by ix9)
    - New flash & java features (Found by jaymit)
    - Searching in-page has been improved by showing rectangles around all found cases (Found by doggie123)
    - Embedded YouTube videos now show in browser instead of YouTube app (Found by mscha)
    - Downloads screen now lacks 'Clear All' button (Found by th3)
    - When files are deleted from the download history, they will also be deleted from the SD card. (Found by th3)

    - Facebook events and birthdays are available in calendar. (Found by Sikacik)
    - When in Month-view, the bar indicating what time is occupied, is now more detailled (Found by hyaenidae)

    - Camera icons now rotate along with a smooth animation when rotating the phone (Found by @MARK)
    - Camera takes pictures a lot faster than before (Found by The_Hawkster)
    - 3 codecs to choose from: H.263, H.264 and MPEG-4
    - 720p Recording possible with MPEG4 Codec.
    - Zoom not available with 720p video recording. (Found by andrew2106)
    - Flashlight can be set on during video recording. (Found by monsterfly)

    - Option to automatically send someone directly to voicemail now. (Already in 2.1 according to Bouncer5)
    - Facebook tab has more features (Found by Mike1988)
    - Linking contacts to Twitter now works properly (Found by jameson_uk)
    - Exchange synced contacts are now sorted by first name instead of last name (Found by njordan)

    FM Radio:
    - FM Radio now has RDS support. (Found by thpoul)
    - FM Radio no longer has Japan Mode (Found by aindow)
    - Incoming text message no longer mutes FM Radio (Found by flashflash)
    - Shazam can be used tag FM Radio (Found by kargeor)
    - Bug: Radio seems to have problems when put in background however it works fine when the screen is off (Found by kargeor)

    Friend Stream:
    - Now shows time of post, amount of comments and amount of likes. (Found by kazgor)

    HTC RSS Reader:
    - Bug: Update circle no longer animates. (Found by Havner)

    - Mails can now be send to the outbox without a network connection being required (Found by Pepi70)
    - Now supports self-signed certifactes (Found by rodhull)

    - The bottom box to type text is bigger.
    - Now shows how many characters you have left from the start.
    - New icon for send.
    - New icon for attaching something.r
    - Scrolls smoother when a conversation has a lot of messages.
    - Can now send vCards as a SMS. (Found by psycho.ro)
    - Can now receive vCards as SMS (Found by Mikeyy)
    - Deleting a message in a long thread, will no longer cause screen to jump to last received message. (Found by Sintel)
    - Bottom box for inputting text is now fixed. No longer can you scroll through messages while typing (Found by romkokos)
    - Bug: UTF-8 issue with Greek sms still exists. (Found by thpoul)

    - Icons from the Sharing menu are smaller. In portrait mode, all are visible in 1 view.
    - Bug: In filmstrip view, the last photo will always be blurry (see lyleuk's thread for more info)
    - Bug: In grid view, it can happen that all photos will be blurry (see lyleuk's thread for more info)

    - Labels now have same color as those in Gmail on the web. (Found by @MARK)
    - Now displays your email adres all the time in the upper-right corner.
    - Displays a small icon of the person that send the mail if you have them in your address book.
    - When viewing a mail, there are now buttons to go to the next and previous mail.
    - Can copy text to clipboard now via menu button.
    - Marking a thread unread only marks as unread those conversations that were already unread (Found by alanjrobertson)

    Google Maps/Navigator:
    - Bug: Voice direction pause music, but don't resume it after. (Reported by FlatEric83)

    Google Talk
    - New interface

    - New option to allow automatic updates. (Found by jaymit)
    - New seperate tab for app comments.
    - Can now mark comments as: Useful, not useful and spam.
    - Searching in market in some cases try to correct your spelling (e.g Did you mean: Google Earth?) (Found by aljwatson69)

    Music Player:
    - When no cover available, the music note is now green.
    - Pressing next has a much smoother CoverFlow animation
    - Genres are fixed now.
    - Pressing the left-button to open up the menu happens much faster.
    - Shuffle seems better (not sure, but don't bump into same song that often anymore).
    - Using the 'Add all songs' option in the menu will use the order current viewed (Album, Artist, Numbers, etc) (Found by jenom)
    - Playlist now loops to beginning after playing last song instead of repeating last song (Found by Havner)
    - Bug: Tags of WMA files are not read properly (Found by supasye)

    PDF Viewer
    - Missing: Reflow function (Found by Kinma)

    - .avi (DivX/XviD) support (According to robguerra) (Confirmed not working by mcgon1979)

    - White header bars replaced with black ones (Found by Bouncer5)
    - Small lag problem when seeking to a point (Found by kargeor)
    - Now features a Safe Search function (Found by kaushal101)
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  21. lyra42

    lyra42 Newbie

    wow...that`s a a huge list of changes.

    They`d better release it tomorrow! Otherwise, stating a release date for today before changing it to`October` is a bit too mean
  22. This is exciting! Does anyone know how big the file is? I have spotty internet and don't want it to time-out or crash halfway through. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated! I can confirm that it did in fact say 'today' though. Hmm, won't it be posted on htc Telus support site? I would've assumed this to be the fastest method (as they've done for the Hero update today). Never-the-less, I can post when mine's updating/update too - GTA
  23. chaoticfury

    chaoticfury Member

    Hey guys,

    I don't want to start a panic, but from my online research while being bored at work I came across this.

    [official] Problems with Telus OTA update. - xda-developers

    HTC Desire Froyo Update Issues Causes Headaches : AndroidSPIN | Your No.1 source for Everything Android.

    If you don't feel like reading it. It basically says we are going to have to wait 1-2 weeks. I guess there is a problem with the rom in Europe being able to access the marketplace and something else so they are pulling it to get a fix. I am still praying for tomorrow and that this is not true.

    Let's hope so. Everyone pray together.

  24. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    That is shitty news... but whatever, I think I still might wait it out until I turn to goldcard solution.
  25. bocco

    bocco Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi Everyone
    I Called HTC a few mins ago, and yes they did pull it back. But the information i gave early is still correct, though the release date is no longer the 27th. I will be the 28th, 29th, 30th and finally the last day for all the unlucky people 31st.

    If they do not release it by the 31st, I think we have to call and bitch.
    Seriously we Telus is the last frigging provider to push out the froyo 2.2

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