Feb 6, 2011
Hey guys, new to the forums here. Today I rooted my Telus Milestone which was on 2.1update1 to 2.2.1 GOT, got it to install fine and it's rooted but I couldn't help but notice that the launcher is still the same from 2.1 and a lot of the apps like the music player are still the 2.1 versions. What can I to get the 2.2 apps and launcher?

Thanks in advance,
I have check with my Telus Milestone and there's no 2.2 update right now. It's still to 2.1 update 1. No Flash player for now.
Haha, figured it out now. I just installed 2.2.1 and didn't add a custom rom afterwards. All is good now, using a Gingerbread rom now. :p