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Telus MMS just wont work...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mindfloss, May 27, 2010.

  1. mindfloss

    mindfloss Member
    Thread Starter

    doesnt matter what ROM i put on, settings, anything...IT JUST WILL NOT WORK anymore...i will have to send it into telus for them to fix it...i dunno...so frustrated @ this point. everything works but mms....:(

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  2. nomnompie

    nomnompie Well-Known Member

    What ROM did you flash?

    Some ROMS such as Villain 5.x need manual fixes for getting MMS to work because they are ports from the CDMA version of the Hero. Ours is GSM (uses SIM cards, which CDMA don't) and the CDMA ones have the MMS APNs coded in and locked down in the ROM. There is a way to change it though depending on what ROM you have now, this may or may not be your case.
  3. mindfloss

    mindfloss Member
    Thread Starter

    called telus last nite, and through the nite while i was up with tha lady and new baby a flood of test pix and finally a txt from telus telling me that they have fixed the problem...and they did...lol....

    had to go back to modaco, cuz i was told evereything worked on it, how did u get yr mms to work finally?

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