(Telus) Motorola Milestone Warranty in US?

Do we have a warranty in the US or are we SOL?

I'm asking because my SD card fried within the first 2 weeks. I figure contacting them online would be the best way and they said they would ship one out. Turns out the CSR made a mistake and later said it can't be done.

When I call in I get redirected to Motorola Canada (even though I never mentioned I'm on a Telus Milestone) which says it can't help me because I'm in the US, and I get redirected back to the US site.

This is disgusting. We get penalized up the ass for buying unlocked phones in the US. What's ironic is Moto's dumb support line also talks about buying "unlocked Android phones" to upgrade your phone in an ad when you first call in. Yeah, that's what I did because I'm not about to strap myself to VZW just for a Droid.

What's funny is the same morning I got the reply for that SD card problem on their online support I also purchased a Sandisk card just IN CASE. Well I guess I did the right thing because I've wasted like 2 hours on the phone with Motorola only to get transferred back and forth from the US and Canada support lines.