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Tempered glass screen protector for the note 10.1 2014?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Space Bananas, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Space Bananas

    Space Bananas Lurker
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    Can anyone recommend a good tempered glass screen protector for the note 10.1 2014 model? I can't seem to find many and the ones I do have scant and very mixed reviews at best... I've never gotten a tempered glass screen protector but I definitively want the added drop/shatter protection. The only thing that worries me is that if I accidently but a crap one, the S Pen responsiveness will be hindered or the protector will peel off etc.

    Also, an antiglare tempered glass would be amazing but I've only found these to be in the plastic protectors. I could live without it to get better shatter protection, though so any suggestions on the tempered glass protector is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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