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Temporary Battery Life Solution

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by john0821, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. john0821

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    Jul 25, 2010

    Jul 25, 2010
    I turned this thread into my little DX journal ...

    Bugs, Issues, Troubleshooting

    Droid X manual - download here

    Battery - My battery life is awesome now. I went to the main Settings > Battery Manager > Battery Profile > Smart Mode. After setting it to Smart Mode, I opened every app and adjusted its settings/preferences. I set everything to manual refresh/update. The only apps set to hourly updates are e-mail, weather, and sports ticker. Also, setting the screen brightness level to less than 50% helps. Another tip is to avoid using live wallpapers.

    Advanced Task Killer - I can understand why some believe this is a useless app. In a perfect Andriod world without buggy apps, ATK would be unnecessary. However, it is easy to use when you do need for force kill a problematic app. As long as you go to Settings > Auto Kill Level > Disable, this sets it to manual mode instead of ATK autokilling apps. Set your ATK to ignore apps that you do not want to kill. If your cellphone is lagging, kill everything except what's on the ignore list. If you know which app is causing the lag, you can just select that app to be killed.

    Signal Bug - I recently had signal issues with my DX where every hour, or so it seemed, the phone would vocally notify me with, "signal lost ... Verizon wireless." Visually, the signal bar would switch back and forth between 3G and 1X with the bars fluctuating from full to none. Dialing *228, prompt 2 has seemed to addressed the signal issues and returned the phone back to having excellent battery life. By doing this, it updates the PRL (preferred roaming list) which is the list of towers your phone uses. *22899 can be used to re-program your data connection.

    Notable Apps

    Fancy Widget - SenseUI style clock/weather widget

    Easy Root
    1 click Root - This is the compatibility test, but it leads to the (now removed) Easy Root app.


    LauncherPro Icons

    DX Dock - credit Prophecy23

    DX Eye - credit Prophecy23

    little green android icons

    red/black glossy icons #1
    red/black glossy icons #2
    red/black glossy icons #3
    red/black glossy icons #4

    Orb Glared
    Orb Non Glared
    Glass Orb

    tons of free custom icons


    Flikie Wallpapers HD

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Asian Landscape


    Black & White Model Design


    Super Mario

    3D Mushrooms

    Smurf House

    San Francisco Giants

    San Francisco 49ers

    Los Angeles Lakers


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