Help Terrible battery life on EVO post 2.2 Froyo update

I've searched and didn't find an answer. Hopefully somebody can help. I updated to 2.2 (Froyo) a couple days ago. While not really noticing anything significantly different, I have noticed my battery life is much shorter now.

Before the 2.2 upgrade I'd unplug my phone around 8am. Thoughout the day I'd use it a bit simple internet searches, maybe 10 SMS, and maybe about 30 minutes of talk time. In addition I have a couple programs (Loopt, Weatherbug) that use GPS routinely to pinpoint my position. I aslo have Facebook and a news tracker that autoupate from time to time throughout the day. Even with all this by 10pm my battery would still show in the green approximately at 40%.

I upgraded to 2.2 and have noticed my battery life is way worse. Today I unplugged the phone around 8am. The battery showed a full charge at that time. I didn't make a single call, or even turn the screen on whatsoever until around noon. At that time I sent a single SMS and noticed that my battery was yellow, probably around 20%. By 2pm the phone shut itself down due to a weak battery. I charged it up again and once again, in about 4 hours time my phone was nearly dead.

I've checked all my settings and they are the same as they were before the 2.2 upgrade. If I look at the screen that shows what using your battery it indicates that 92% is being used by the andriod operating system. Not sure what the percentage was with 2.1 but that seems awfully high when you're not doing anything.

Anybody else having the same problem? For what it's worth, my data calulator only showed 35kb up and 85kb down during the 6 hours this morning before my phone shut down.

There's like 3-4 threads about this already. Yes, other people are having this problem as well, and others dont.

I was getting over a full day before the update, sometimes 2 full days without charging. After the update, I cant go more than 7 hours. Even if I leave the phone alone and not use it once, it's dead within 7-8 hours.

Have you done a hard reset? Some people say that helps, but I did it and it didnt help me at all.