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TESTED compatibility list for tiger mame emulator

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gamefanatic, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. gamefanatic

    gamefanatic Newbie
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    I have searched high and low for a compatibility list for the the mame emulators on the market right now and have found nothing useful! I did the research myself and the results are astounding. Tiger mame easily defeats jrioni's jarcade and cps2hd. I paid for both of jrioni's apps and was able to get TMNT to work on jarcade, which was wonderful news for me; I couldn't get them to do jacksquat else. I downloaded tiger mame for free from the marketplace and now have the following working roms on my Epic 4g:

    The Punisher, Battle Circuit, Vampire Savior- the lord of vampire, Armored Warriors, 19xx- the war against destiny, Willow, 1944- the loop master, Mega Man 2- the power fighters, Alien vs Predator, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Breakers, Metal Slug 4, Blazing Star, Double Dragon, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Pocket Fighter, Eco Fighters, Capcom Sports Club, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Captain Commando, Ring of Destruction, Ultimate Ecology, Progear, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Mars Matrix, Giga Wing, Cyberbots-fullmetal madness, Alien vs Predator, Batsugun, Karate Blazers, Turbo Force, Aero Fighters 3, Pang! 3, Three Wonders, Nemo, Dynasty Wars, Mega Twins, Strider, Mighty! Pang, Sengoku 2, Sengoku 3, Panic Bomber, Neo Mr. Do!, The Last Blade, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2- the newcomers, Donpachi, Dodanpachi, Baseball Stars 2, Knights of the Round, Shadow Force, Robo Army, Power Spikes II, Ninja Combat, Marvel vs Capcom- clash of super heroes, Mercs, League Bowling, Legend of Success Joe, Knuckle Bash, Garou- Mark of the Wolves, Goal! Goal! Goal!, Ghouls'n Ghosts, Ghost Pilots, Fatal Fury 3- the road to victory, Eight Man, Guwange, D&D- Shadow Over Mystara, D&D- Tower of Doom, Art of Fighting 3- the path of the warrior, Armed Police Batrider, Blue's Journey, Striker's 1945 plus, Captain Tomaday, Andro Dunos, Last Resort, Pulstar, Magician Lord, Top Hunter- Roddy and Cathy, Spin Master, Ninja Commando, Bang Bead, Oriental Legend, Knights of Valour, Aero Fighter, Hook, Voltage Fighter, World Heroes Perfect, Warriors of Fate, Zupapa!, Zed Blade, Viewpoint, Varth- operation thunderstorm, Tecmo World Soccer '96, Super Dodge Ball, Street Hoop, Shock Troopers- 2nd Squad, Rage of Dragons, Savage Reign, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Prehistoric Isle 2, Over Top, Nightmare in the Dark, Neo Drift Out- new technology, Neo Bomberman, Mutation Nation, Mega Man- the power battle, King of Monsters 2- the next thing, Karnov's Revenge, Jockey Grand Prix, ESP Ra.De., Dimahoo,....... and Mega Man 2- the power fighters.

    You need to download the Neo Geo bios of course and the bios for PGM System I think. About 5 or 6 of the games mentioned above have sound issues, but the rest of the roms run fast and perfect on my Epic 4g. I downloaded all of these roms from one specific site that comes up in google I believe. If you need I can send you the name of the site. Hope this helps!

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  2. moler

    moler Lurker

    Hi , i can not get tigermame to find any roms i have unchecked quick rom search, but it find nothing.
  3. shaolin95

    shaolin95 Well-Known Member

    I am going to try some of those but your comment on jarcade and cp2s is weird...i have TONS of games working , alien syndrome, outrun, alien storm, shinobi, shadow dancer....too many to mention so not sure why you are having no luck.
  4. Hordriss

    Hordriss Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, TigerArcade will only search for roms already on your device (ie saves you manually searching your device).

    Drop me a PM if you dont know where to get MAME roms.
  5. how bout the avengers or sengoku? I have neo geo rom but kant get those roms to work :-(
  6. jirka.h23

    jirka.h23 Member

    can any emulator handle Konami Simpsons Arcade Game?
  7. moras

    moras Lurker

    Thanks for the post. I am using tiger arcade on my xperia x10. As you mentioned you will provide the site name where you have download these above roms games that are compatible with Tiger arcade. Plz give the link....
  8. dude, where can i download marvel vs capcom 2 rom for MAME4droid emulator? i tried to download it from various sites, but i just can find the right mvsc2.zip rom. pls help thanx

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