Aug 9, 2010
Hello all,

We just finished our first game for Android and released it onto the Market. Even though we thoroughly tested on 3 devices and the emulator there are still some problems for users with different devices. Hopefull some of you can help us fix those problems. Any help would be highly appreciated!
You can find the game in the Market under the name Traffic Control!? by 2BrosGames. But if you want I can also send it to you.
For more information about us or the game see our website: Welcome to
Please send me a message or email ( if you are interested!
As a token of appreciation we will send you a full version of the game for free if you like it.

Thanks in advance!
just tested the lite version , worked fine on a galaxy S
but seems that the cars can't turn again unless a second passes after the first turn , makes the game become kinda too slow