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Testers needed Game Information App

Discussion in 'Alpha & Beta Testing' started by LogicWorX, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Hi!
    I planned an major update for my App next week. It is a Game News App with News and Release Dates of upcoming Games.

    Problem is that new Information is retrieved over a Database connection and this can be tricky sometimes to get it working on all smartphones.
    I restructured the database completely and would like to know if anyone gets an error.

    the apk can be downloaded here:
    or as zip:

    i removed all ad-banners for the testers

    Important things for me to know:
    -sort orders of games and news correct?
    -any database connection problems, errors, or no information displayed?

    -how long does it take to retrieve data (Connecting to Database - screen)
    (information is only updated if 30 mins have passed) some seconds is ok - just tell me if it takes more than 10 secs or yore stuck in it.

    - any other thing that seems incorrect

    please tell me your phone-model to every answer

    thanks for any help!

    greetz Logic


  2. batesapps

    batesapps Member

    Apr 3, 2013
    Checked on a Galaxy SIII. The database looks pretty good. Took ~10 seconds to connect to the external server and has been less then a second since.
    Not sure what your sorting is but looks backwards. Looks like its release date then reverse alphabetical or just release date?
    Probably should be release date then alphabetical if the release date is the same like in the case of Q1.

    Not sure the best option for released, looks like you have those at the top right now. You may want to separate released and to be released.
  3. Sweet app
    Took about 7 sec to load
    Menu button inactive, except on settings screen where it showed "Settings"
    Would be great to have search capability

    Galaxy Note II (SCH-I605)

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