Help Tether problems


My wife and I both have Triumph phones with Cm7 10-15 build. We can tether to our laptops , but when we try it to my my wifes android tablet it tethers but kicks us out of tether when you try to transfer data. Her tablet is on ICS, I was wondering if that coul be causing some kin of conflict. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I had no problem tethering that same tablet to my optimus v.:thinking:


For what it is worth to you, my husband has an Optimus V and it tethers great. I have a Triumph and the tethering has never worked. I am using the stock rom. If you figure out a way to get the Triumph to work, I would be most interested.

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I have the same problem on cm7 seems like a phone reset work's most of the time but it does seem to drop wifi alot on my Nexus 7