Tether/ Wireless Hotspot Hack? (Sort of)


Hello fellow Android people :)

I've replaced my W700i with an Xperia M2. Lovely little phone. Not too fancy but not too expensive.

Anyway, I'm on the 3 (Three) network in UK. My plan allows unlimited data to use on the handset and 2gb data to tether or wireless hotspot.

Now, is there a way to trick the phone into tethering/ wireless hotspot my unlimited handset data? I'm new to all this crazy smartphone stuff and would really appreciate it if someone points me in the right direction.

Thanks! :)



Moderati ergo sum
It *can* be illegal, depending on how you achieve the "hack". Certainly network spoofing and changing your digital identifiers are illegal in most jurisdictions, so those types of discussions are not permitted.

What you are asking is how to violate your agreement with 3, and many people are not cool with that. After all, you were the one who signed the thing in the first place. Officially, discussions of tethering are permitted, but staff most likely won't help.

You may read about it here ....


Just a word of caution for everyone else. This is not a discussion about the morality of tethering against contracts. Help if you want, but don't post just to comment, okay?

Good luck. :)
If a connection is encrypted such as when using a VPN there is no way for the internet provider to differentiate between types of data use... I think... Anyone in-the-know like to confirm this ?