Tethering BlackBerry & ACER A500 Posible?


Aug 9, 2011
Puerto Rico
Hi I can use my BB 8530 to connect my laptop to the internet via cell and a usb cable...do anyone know if there is any program that can be used to do the same with a A500 Honeycom 3.1 ?

It would be nice to connect using the BB cell even is a USB cable is required...:D
Unfortunately it doesn't, it confuses the issue by showing how to use an android phone as the tether, not an android tablet. That site (Verizon) supports only Macs and PCs tethered to a smartphone (Android, Blackberry, Etc). What Acer A500 users need is an app that works like VZAccess Manager (Verizon) does for Mac and Windows.
So in other words, does anyone know of an app for the Acer A500 that will allow me to use my Blackberry curve 8530 as a modem tethered to the tablet with USB cable? The Verizon site that people have been directing people to doesn't support this configuration.
Thank you.