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Support Tethering idiot here! Help please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by irishlugan, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. irishlugan

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    Jun 8, 2012

    Jun 8, 2012
    not telling you
    Hello all! I'm brand new to this forum. I want to start off by explaining since I graduated college 9 years ago I have turned into a technological idiot. I just recently found out what a flash drive is and how to use it. I just recently purchased a new laptop (first computer purchased since 2001). So yeah, I'm in need of desperate help here!

    I have a Motorola Citrus. A friend of mine just hooked me up with easy tether so that I can get internet access on the computer since the phone can only do so much. Now I'm having serious issues that she doesn't even understand.

    There are certain sites I can access that have logins, for instance this one and cafemom.com however, almost any other site that has logins I cannot access! It goes to "Disconnection Diagnosis" button that only tells me it can't help me.

    I cannot log into facebook without going to m.facebook.com, i cannot go to twitter, gmail, yahoo mail, and other important sites I was hoping to be able to access here at home. PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do!

    Let me know what you need to know, and I will try to help you! Please understand, that I am seriously a technological idiot. So, you will have to be patient in explaining things to me! Also, a friend hooked up the easy tether with my phone (I tried and couldn't , but somehow she could). So, you'll have to help me out with what info you need to help me.

    I hope someone can help! I hate going onto certain sites at work because the boss has some sort of hookup where all she has to do is see us sitting at the computer, via the security camera system, and then she can log onto her computer and see exactly what we are looking at. I don't think it's any of her business what my emails are and such, though i shouldn't be on the net anyway. HELP HELP HELP!


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