Tethering Tablet Results?


Well, I am about to go to Costco to get the Charge instead of waiting for a dual core 4G phone since my tablet, (Acer A500) is dual core and will be used quite a bit more for general browsing/goofing around than the phone ever will be, (though I will use the phone's unlimited data for streaming Pandora).

My questions are:

- Has tethering to the DC been pretty reliable?
- Is using a rooted phone along with a tethering app (free tethering), as reliable as using the service from Verizon, (which costs $20/mo and limits you to 2gigs)?
- What kind of wi-fi range does the phone put out, (in feet).

I use the tablet for work, as its SOOOO much easier to carry than my work laptop, and not all of my accounts have wi-fi, or know their access codes, so tethering will make my job easier assuming its reliable.


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I've never been a fan of paying extra for tethering, especially when they limit you on it. You're already paying for a data plan, what gives? It's a complete scam for them to make more money.
My old WM phone had stealth tethering, assuming this is the same with android phones once rooted? Speeds were identical to going directly from the phone.

I used the free mobile hotspot the other day just to test and it was a solid connection and great speeds. No reason a free/stealth app would be any different. It essentially uses the phones data connection as the connection for the device and uses the same network, etc.


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I feel ya. Why pay for 2 plans that can only be used one at a time? HOWEVER, I will pay less than a dollar a day for convenience IF it works better. Greater good and all, regardless of it being a rip off.