Help Tethering without Kies?


Has anyone used their Galaxy S as a tethered modem without installing Kies?

According to the manual, you can just set the phone's USB settings to "PC Internet" then plug it into the computer. Supposedly after that you just follow "on screen instructions" to install the phone as a modem (presumably the add new hardware wizard).

Has this worked for anyone? I tried it on two computers and the hardware wizard failed. Does anyone know where to download the necessary drivers?

Apparently installing Kies installs the drivers needed, so you can then tether the phone without running Kies. The problem is that Kies requires an internet connection to install, so even if you carry around a kies install on the phone, you end up in a catch-22.

All of this was done on XP pro SP3. I have an international I9000 with ZSJF7 baseband.


I have been successful with mobile AP settings in the wireless & network menu... My laptop is ready to go almost cords or software... Vista ultimate... I9000m JG9


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Hello, I own the Vibrant, and in the Vibrant forums, I have posted instructions on how to tether the samsung galaxy s vibrant without using samsung kies. All you need is your phone, a usb cable, correct drivers, and windows dial-up connection.

Please visit the instructions I posted here. If they help you please let me know, or if you run into problems let me know, I'll try to help.

Link Below:

please keep in mind the number *99# works for t-mobile, use the correct setting for your carrier.