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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OutlawImmortal, May 24, 2011.

  1. OutlawImmortal

    Thread Starter

    They still charging you if you use the atrix laptop docks? Even if you use wifi to surf or whatever you plan to do

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  2. log1c

    log1c Android Enthusiast

    What do you mean still charging?
    At&t already charges you $45 a month for tethering and 4gb of data, if you go over, you will get overages
  3. OutlawImmortal

    Thread Starter

    I meant do you have to have a tethering plan to use the laptop dock, I thought that kinda of silly considering I would only use one with wifi.
  4. log1c

    log1c Android Enthusiast

    So I was reading in other boards that At&t requires tethering to use the laptop dock which I think is silly considering you are technically plugging in the phone to the laptop dock to use as a computer. I guess you have two choices

    1. You can pay At&t for tethering service or
    2. You can sideload tethering to your phone
  5. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye

    To use Firefox (or any internet option) in webtop you either need one of 3 things. #1 an AT&T data/tether plan for $45/Month, or #2 Wifi, or #3 Hacked your phone to enable tether without paying (it can be done but I do not want to get into that).

    You can use the laptop dock without tethering, you will just get a popup saying you need to contact AT&T or firefox will not work, which goes away or will not popup if/when you connect to WiFi.

    You can "hack" to enable tether on laptop but when AT&T starts cracking down on that, as soon as they peg you, they will just automatically add tethering to your account (change your current data plan to the $45/month for 4GB tether plan).

    As long as you use Wifi and stay away from that hack, you will be able to use the full webtop option with no additional charges. Even if you don't use Wifi, it will still work except the internet will not. You can still use the phone's browser in mobile view on webtop, so it kinda works on 3/4G.
  6. OutlawImmortal

    Thread Starter

    oh neat, wish I would have known that before I ordered my infuse lol
  7. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    Yes, this does work well. But, I would not use it for watching movies or anything over 1 GB a month.
  8. zmagrini

    zmagrini Lurker

    true. and when i get my atrix i will probably not do it at all, because once they catch on they will add the tethering to your plan automatically
  9. KTRB

    KTRB Newbie

    I noticed in the video before he created the new APN his phone was using the AT&T US wap.cingular apn. Mine has AT&T US HSDPA apn selected. What is the difference and should one be selected over the other?
  10. OutlawImmortal

    Thread Starter

    I really wish I would have asked before I ordered the infuse lol. I have always wanted the Atrix but didnt want to get charged tethering. Gonna have to swap them out I guess!
  11. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    I noticed it after the last update. Might have something to do with the higher download speeds.

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