Help Text bubbles come in the wrong order

When I get a longish text, it splits in bubbles and the bubbles are in the wrong order. For example:

First bubble (Hello, what are your pl )

Second bubble ( cause I am going shoppi )

Third bubble ( et me know soon.)

Fourth bubble ( ans for today? Be )

Fifth bubble ( ng at 3. L )

See what the problem is? I don't know if this has to do with the time as it's been mentioned in other threads, but it's driving me crazy because I have to guess what bubble comes after what... it's incredibly confusing.


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I also believe it is the sender's phone settings.... they have erroneously set it up to break the text into little short messages.

tell them to turn all that stuff OFF.

Now, here is why the order is getting messed up.
the broken little messages are sent out into a big queue to wait until the system has time to send them out..... the system does not try to piece them together in the original order, they are intermingled with a lot of other folks text messages....

when you receive them they are just happen stance..... ever watch your email inbox???
you will get messages that suddenly appear way down in your list of incoming messages.... on email, they are sorted by Send Time.... not so on a cellphone SMS...

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I'm afraid that might not be it. I have this problem with all senders (come to think of it, mostly iPhones) as long as the message is longer than a few words.


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You could try a different messaging app, Textra or Chomp. I never liked Samsung stock messaging app and have been using Textra.

Rebeca Rambal

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Well, the problem is becoming intolerable and frustrating. I have rebooted, factory reset, reloaded all apps. Enough to make me want to go back to iPhone, which is painful, but I do a lot of texting, and this issue makes it stressful. And judging from the overwhelming amount of responses, there is no fix.